February 28, 2023

Can You Install a Fence in Winter?

The cold winter season is now upon us. This is the time when we celebrate many holidays and enjoy time off from work with our families. But it can also be a time when certain tasks become necessary to perform. There may be many reasons why you may need to put up a fence around your property as soon as possible.

Is there ever a bad time for you to install a fence? If you listen to the conventional wisdom, you may be led to believe so. Many so-called experts will have you believe that the winter season is the worst time to install a fence. But is this really the truth? We don't believe that it is and we can prove it.

In fact, when it comes to saving time, effort, and a whole lot of money, winter has it all over the other seasons. There are a great many reasons why you really should consider putting up a new fence during the cold months. These reasons are well worth devoting an essay to so that you can consider our point of view.

Winter is the Time to Finish Faster

Would you like to finish a project faster than usual while still managing to save a great deal of money? The winter season is the real time during which you can easily bring things to a finish on time and under budget. The reason why is simple. No one else thinks that winter time is a good time to do anything.

Their mistake will lead straight to your gain. As it turns out, winter does not have to be time during which all projects are forced to grind to a halt. You can get a great many things done while your neighbors are resting on their laurels. One of the best things to do will be to put up a fence around your property.

The timing couldn't be better. It's cold and possibly even snowy outside. This means that there will be less things going on to distract you from the work. All the usual hubbub and commotion associated with the spring and summer seasons will be transferred indoors. This leaves you free to get on with your fence.

And when it actually does come time to delegate the work to a trusted expert, you'll find yet another pleasant surprise waiting for you. Since very few people prefer to put up a fence during the winter season, the waiting list will be much shorter. In fact, you may find yourself at the top with no one in front of you.

As a result, you can most certainly expect the work to proceed at a much faster rate with much less waiting time. Since there will be far fewer distractions, you can also expect to encounter much less downtime during phases of the project. The work will very likely fly by at a rate you will be satisfied with.

There is also the fact that you are very likely one of a mere handful of clients keeping the average fence building company in business during the winter. This means that you will be in the driver's seat when it comes to negotiations. You can expect to be able to pay a low price that would never be possible in summer.

You'll Have Less Trouble with the Authorities

Another key reason to consider putting up your fence during the winter season is because you can expect to encounter less opposition from the city or your housing authority. Winter is the season during which half of them are off on vacation or loaded down with a ton of other tasks that occupy their attention.

Putting up a fence will very likely escape their notice. Even if it doesn't, you are still more likely to get a quick rubber stamp than any kind of serious argument. The winter season is a time when very few people apply to the council for permission to put up a fence. The sheer novelty may be enough to get you in.

Winter is also a season during which you can make a lot of arguments concerning hardships brought on by snow, cold weather, and so on. This is the time during it may be necessary to build a fence in order to keep snowdrifts under control. There are a whole lot of sympathy cards during the winter that you can cash in.

No one should expect to simply put up a fence and have it go unnoticed until the spring comes. Someone is bound to drive by, notice, and check with the housing authority. This is just to be expected. But if you get the approval and permits first, you can beat them to the punch. Winter is the easiest time to try it.

You'll Have Less Trouble With Landscaping

If you really want to cut a whole lot of trouble out of your life, you should consider the fact that landscaping issues don't prevail in winter. This is one of the major reasons why you should definitely consider putting up your fence during the winter. Most of the issues cease to exist when the snow is falling.

There are a number of reasons why this is the case. For a start, the vast majority of the shrubs, bushes, trees, and other plants in your hard are set to go into a kind of vegetable hibernation. They can't thrive during these months so they basically go to sleep. This removes them as sources of irritation.

And while they are deep in the grip of their winter dormancy, you can easily prune them or relocate them without much resistance. You'll do a lot less damage to them than you would if you were interfering with their peak period during the spring and summer months. Winter is the time to safely deal with your flora.

You should also note that the grass that grows in your yard will also be lying fallow and dormant. This means that you won't have a front lawn that you need to worry about getting messed up by fence workers and their heavy equipment. Since there won't be a lawn until spring, they can have the full run of the yard.

A Winter Fence Brings You Extra Privacy

You may not worry much about privacy during the green spring and summer months. It may well not be until the fall when the trees start getting bare that you start to notice a thinning of the veil around your yard. The shade and isolation that green verdure in full bloom brings with it is suddenly gone for the year.

This is the time during which you need to act to restore your privacy as well as your safety. A fence built during the winter will give you your confidence and peace of mind back. Instead of having to stay indoors to get your privacy, you can put on your parka and mittens and relax behind your new privacy fence.

In fact, once your fence is safely up, you may notice a very interesting new development. Snow falling heavily in your yard will also tend to coat your fence. You may discover that the snow capping your fence separates you even further from your neighbors. This will give you a whole new level of privacy.

Even when the snow melts and the spring season finally comes, you'll still have the satisfaction of knowing that your privacy is fully protected. The fence you have built will see to that. It will also add a great deal of curb appeal and resale value to your home. This will be worth the low winter price you paid.

The Work Won't Cause Any Delays

If the above listed reasons aren't enough to convince you of our point, why not also consider that putting up a fence in winter won't interfere with any of your other plans. The winter season being what it is, the vast majority of your other plans probably revolved around buying presents for your family on time.

This means that you can safely plan to bring the work crew in to start putting up your new fence. There very likely won't be work or any other kind of activity going on in the street around your house. The people putting up your fence won't be causing delays or keeping people from getting in or out of their home.

If you do have renovation plans that involve the inside of your home, you can go safely about your business while the fence builders work outside. It's a productive way to spend your winter.

Your Fence Can Be Ready By Spring

Perhaps the most significant reason to put up your fence during the winter months is so it can be ready when spring comes. Imagine being able to enjoy the benefits that this brings with it. You'll have plenty of shade, privacy, safety, and satisfaction from the hard work that you put in during the long cold winter.

You may have had any number of disputes with your neighbors over where their property ends and yours begins. You can put a stop to this endless bickering by putting up your fence during the winter. This way, when spring comes, you'll be in possession of a barrier that clearly defines as far as your property extends.

There is also the fact that your neighbor may have kids that don't seem to respect your boundaries. It's one thing to have children playing in the front yard, even if it isn't theirs. But what about unruly teens who take pleasure in vandalizing your property? If telling their parents doesn't work, build a fence.

The very best time to build that fence is in the winter when everyone is indoors and not in a position to protest. By the time spring comes, your fence will be safely in place. The kids who used to cause trouble on your property are now outside for good. You can sleep easy knowing the peace of mind this brings.

Building a fence in the winter season is also a great way to keep your pets safe. Your dog will still need to go outside to do their business. This is as true on the coldest day of the year as it is on the warmest. But when it's snowing like a blizzard outside, your dog can easily get confused and lost.

Having a fence in place in the winter months will remove any worries you have about letting your dog go outside. They can quickly do their business and run back in. The fence you have built will keep them from getting lost and making it necessary for you to have to run around in a blizzard looking for them.

Don't Put Up a Fence Without Help

For all of the reasons listed above, now is an excellent time to put up a fence around your property. The results that you get from this project will be more than worth the initial investment that you make. You'll be able to enjoy a whole new level of security and privacy for a price that you can very easily afford.

Regardless of the time that you put up your fence, one thing should be clear. This is very likely not the kind of task that you want to take care of all on your own. There are a great many tasks associated with putting up a fence that you may not have the expertise to handle. You may even injure yourself.

Rather than go through the hard work of putting up your own fence, it's a much better idea to let an expert handle the work on your behalf. This way, you can be sure of high quality results for the money you spend. You can relax and enjoy the resale value that a fence will add to your home while experts do the job.