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Automatic Gates

Technology has made many improvements in the modern world, and automatic gates are one of the advancements. Automatic gates range in size, style, and design. The operation of an automatic gate is simple, and installing one has many advantages. Automatic gates are designed to manage the entrance or exit to a property with minimal human interaction. For an automatic gate to open and close, a sensor detects when a vehicle is near or when someone is nearby.

Automatic gates typically operate using electrical motors. The design of an automatic gate will vary depending on the manufacturer and model, but many operate using a similar process. When in operation, the gate is either fully automatic or guided. Fully automated mode means the gate will open and close itself based on pre-determined settings or in response to a sensor activation. Guided mode means someone must manually control the gate while it opens and closes based on traffic or other factors. Automatic gates help ease the burden of traffic flow and make driving much safer because you avoid human error when manually opening or closing the gate. This article will explore the different types of automatic gates and their advantages.

Types of Automatic Gates

If you want to secure your business with a chain link fence, we can handle that too. Commercial fences are usually taller than those for homes. Often, the fence is connected to an extensive alarm system or, in rare cases, an electrical generator.
With commercial chain link fences, gates are often automatic and must be meticulously aligned. We handle these jobs with ease, so you can have confidence in the reliable fence we provide.
We can even help you in the interior of your business. An electronic security cage is just a reliable fence made smaller and that encloses a much smaller space than an outdoor fence. We'll work with you during the free initial estimate to pick the right kind of fencing.

Sliding Automatic Gates

Sliding automatic gates are the most common type of automatic gates. These gates automatically slide open and closed based on a person setting or an object approaching or leaving the gate area. For example, when a vehicle approaches the gate, it will automatically slide open. When the vehicle leaves, the gate will close behind it based on the settings and sensors. This prevents someone from accidentally leaving without closing the gate. There are different types of sliding automatic gates. The most common are single and double-leaf gates. Single-leaf gates move side to side like a door. Double-leaf automatic gates slide from the middle of the structure to both sides of the entranceway, creating a larger space for vehicles and people to move through.

Swing Automatic Gates

Swing automatic gates operate similarly to the sliding automatic gate type. Swing gates are often used in driveways and areas where parking is limited. Their opening and closing happen under human control but do not slide like a sliding gate. Swing gates are also more sturdy and durable than sliding gates because they don't rely on mechanical parts to operate correctly; they rely on weight, hinges, and tension to stay closed or open. This makes them a popular choice when durability is most important. Swing gates are also great for security since they can be built with stronger hinges and materials. They are generally used for driveways and entrances to buildings. These automatic gates are also popular in buildings because they provide security and safety.

Your tennis court will also be secure when you're not using it because we'll put a strong gate into the chain link fence. No matter the surface of your court, we'll be sure to secure the fence at the bottom so that you have no unwelcome visitors.

Rising Automatic Gates

This type of automatic gate provides security while keeping an aesthetic appeal. Rising automatic gates are much like roll-up doors in industrial settings, except they operate with a motor and sensors instead of manual labor. The gate lifts vertically and rolls over to one side of the entranceway. Automatic rising gates are usually used in areas with limited access, like businesses, hospitals, and industries.

Cantilever gate

Cantilever automatic gates are similar to rising doors in that they move upwards and over an area, but there is a slight difference. Cantilever gates are usually made from metal and are designed to be placed across large openings such as a parking lot or driveway. The top of the gate is hinged and moves outwards or inwards, depending on the motor settings. The motor turns off once enough weight has been applied, causing the gate to open fully. The weight of vehicles entering and exiting the area controls the gate's swing.

Hinged Automatic Gates

This type of automatic gate consists of a hinged door that moves open and closes when someone approaches or leaves the area. The hinge can be connected by a chain or other method to ensure it works properly. An automatic Hinged gate can be used to enter and exit an area; however, it can also be installed as a minor decorative feature, such as a patio door. Hinged automatic gates can be installed on small and large structures and used in various settings such as parks, city buildings, and construction sites. Hinged automatic gates can also be found in indoor settings such as restaurants or shops.

Vertical Lift Automatic Gates

Vertical lift automatic gates are similar to cantilever and rising automatic gates. These gates move vertically to cover or uncover an opening or space. Vertical lift automatic gates are often used on buildings such as retail stores, shopping malls, and large corporations. They can also be found in commercial buildings and residential settings. Vertical lift gates are an excellent choice for businesses and are a much more durable choice than most automatic gates.

Automatic Bi-Folding Gates

A bi-folding automatic gate is much like a swing gate in that it senses the person or object approaching the gate. However, these gates move differently."Bi-fold" means the gate opens vertically and folds horizontally. The opening can be in between the sides of the gate, outwards from each side, or in between the middle of each side. They usually consist of a spring-loaded hinge that opens outward for easy access to vehicles.  

Bi-folding automatic gates are generally used to block off driveways or entrances to buildings and property. Because they fold upwards and outwards, providing great privacy and security when closed. Autobi-Folding gates are often used in areas with a lot of traffic, such as retail spaces and shopping malls.

Articulated Arm

Articulated arm automatic gates are generally used for buildings and industrial settings. These gates move to one side when someone approaches the gate, allowing easy vehicle access. The gate is placed on a metal arm attached to a concrete or heavy material building, preventing the gate from being lifted off the rail. The articulated arm is wide enough to allow easy vehicle access while providing security against theft.

Installation and Maintenance

Automatic gates can be installed and serviced by the gate manufacturer or the company which sells them. However, they can also be installed and maintained by independent companies. Knowing the manufacturer of your automatic gate is essential. Not only do you want to ensure that an experienced manufacturer is involved, but you also want to ensure that professionals are trained in installing gates to leave a high-quality product behind. Most manufacturers and sellers offer installation from their clients. If you are trying to decide if you should have a company install your automatic gate, you should consider several factors, such as whether the company can install your specific gate and their experience in the field.

You will also want to consider maintenance when purchasing an automatic gate. Many automatic gates have maintenance kits that can be purchased separately or in a package with the gate itself. Automatic gates require lubrication and maintenance to work correctly. Some automatic gates are made to last longer and require little maintenance. A motorized gate will be more expensive than a manual one, but it will last longer and work better; however, you will still want to inspect the mechanism regularly because certain parts can wear out over time.

Advantages of Installing Automatic Gates

Enhanced security

Automatic gates are beneficial in terms of security. Doors and gates are a huge part of the protection systems for many businesses and homes. Owners of these establishments can easily keep unwanted individuals out of their facilities. This can be done by simply attaching their gate to a door or mounting it on a wall. Autonomous gates are popular when installing automatic gates in apartments and condominiums. They work the same way as ordinary automatic gates, except they open by remote control. When you install an automatic gate, you ensure it will always be open or closed.  

Greater Convenience

Automatic gates are incredibly convenient. Installing them at your residence can provide a quick and easy way to get in and out of your property. Installing automatic gates on your garage or driveway can save time, money, and hassle. They are also helpful for businesses because they provide added security to the buildings they protect. A business owner with an automatic gate installed can feel much more secure knowing that no one can enter their premises without authorized access.
Your tennis court will also be secure when you're not using it because we'll put a strong gate into the chain link fence. No matter the surface of your court, we'll be sure to secure the fence at the bottom so that you have no unwelcome visitors.

Better Property Control

An automatic gate can be installed on almost any property, whether large or small. They are perfect for homeowners and businesses because there is a wide range of styles and sizes. Some people use them in their homes or office to ensure deliveries are made easily. They are a convenient way to keep track of your property and ensure you can access the things you need.

Increased Personal Safety

Automatic gates are easy to use, but precautions must be taken when operating your gate. However, they are still helpful because they keep children or pets from wandering into streets or other dangerous areas when left unattended. You may also find that these gates can help prevent crime on the property by making it harder for criminals to enter your property.

Aesthetic Appeal

Automatic gates can be an attractive feature in your business or home. They can be made from top quality materials, so they look fantastic and continually add value to your home. Some automatic gates can also make you more money because they are a great selling point in real estate. Regardless of how much money you spend on your automatic gate, it will give you a significant return on investment.

Keeps Unauthorized Vehicles Out

If you're looking for an automatic gate that can be used to prevent unauthorized vehicles from entering your property, then you would prefer a hydraulic gate to a chain drive gate. Chain-drive gates aren't as secure because vandals are more likely to cut them. Unauthorized vehicles can be kept out by denying them access to the premises.

Where can you Install an Automatic gate?


Consider using a garage door opener if your garage or storefront is jam-packed. This can help keep vehicles from passing through your property without paying for the privilege. Even if you are trying to keep people from entering a busy business without buying something, you can still use automatic gates to restrict access.

Restricted Access Areas

Restricted access areas are places where only certain groups or individuals are allowed to enter. These restricted areas include government buildings, airports, and some businesses. Using automatic gates to protect these areas is a good idea because it lets you control which people and vehicles enter the area. This allows you to maintain security and makes it more convenient for authorized vehicles and individuals to enter and leave.

Entry to High Rise Homes

To prevent fire fatalities and other accidents, automatic gates can be used at entrances to high-rise residences. This is a backup system for situations when people experience emergencies and need to quickly rush out. This can save lives by preventing injuries and reducing damage from fire.

Entry to Buildings

To provide ease of mind for owners, automatic gates can be installed at the entrance to a building. They can also be used in areas subject to frequent visits such as police stations or offices. This is especially beneficial if you don't want people entering your work premises without authorization.  With an automatic gate that opens automatically, you can control who enters and whether or not they are permitted access without being present.

Automatic gates are extremely useful and are becoming more popular because of the advantages that they provide. They can help you protect your property and conserve energy. However, one of the greatest features of automatic gates is their ease of use. Whether you have an automatic gate installed in your garage or driveway or around your entire home, it is easy to use and will save you time, money, and frustration in the future.

School Grounds

If you have a school that has a large campus, it can be beneficial to use automatic gates to control which areas of the campus are open during any specific time of day. This helps you limit the areas students are allowed in and keep them from entering out-of-bounds places.

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For a nominal fee, we'll even clear and haul brush or have surveyors assess your property so that you don't accidentally place your new reliable fence in the wrong place. To ensure that things go smoothly, we also have a project manager who will oversee all aspects of your fence installation whether it's residential or commercial.

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