April 3, 2021

Chain Link Fence: A Solution for Every Situation & Need!

If you're looking for a reliable fence that will stand the test of time, you can't go wrong with chain link.With tons of different styles and color varieties, there's a chain link fence that's right for every property, and this type of fencing has numerous benefits for both commercial properties and homes.

In this guide, we'll help you learn why chain link fencing is a great choice, introduce you to the benefits of this property barrier option, and help you understand the style and color options that are at your disposal. Reliable fence solutions are simpler and cheaper than you'd expect: Dive into our guide to learn more!

Why You Should Choose Chain Link

As you browse the different reliable fence options on the market, you'll quickly realize that chain link is far superior to other choices for a variety of reasons. In this section, we'll cover a few reasons why you might want to choose this reliable fence solution over other options.

A Little Privacy

Since it's made from pieces of thick wire woven together, chain link fence is less opaque than other types of fencing. There are quite a few ways to customize chain link fence to improve privacy, however, and even bare chain link can provide a significant degree of psychological privacy.

Without a reliable fence in place,pedestrians walking down the street or drivers in passing cars might be tempted to look at your lawn or check out your house. It's only natural to be curious, but you want to keep prying eyes away from your property.

With a chain link fence in place,passersby will be less enticed to check out your property. Those inks of wire indicate that your property is your own, and they also show that you care enough about your privacy to put a reliable fence in place.

If you want to make sure that nobody can see through your chain link fence, there are a few ways to improve your reliable fence solution. We'll cover these customization options as we continue.

Heel! Protect Your Best Friend

In some cases, no amount of training is enough to make your canine companion obey your orders. If you have a dog that just can't seem to stop entering neighbors' yards or wandering into the road, you'll need to put a reliable fence in place as a deterrent.

Chain link is a reliable fence option for dogs since this type of fencing keeps your furry friend contained while still providing plenty of visibility and airflow. It isn't your goal to put your dog in a cage, and you still want to give your pet a chance to enjoy the outdoors.

The last thing anyone wants, however,is a visit to the pound or the squealing of brakes that is every dog owner's worst nightmare. A chain link fence can protect your dog's freedom while also giving you peace of mind.

Low Cost

Out of all the different fence options that are available, chain link is almost always the least expensive.While this type of fencing is sturdy and reliable, it only consists of interwoven metal wire wrapped around posts. The affordability of the materials used in chain link fencing makes it inexpensive to install this type of barrier regardless of how many feet of fencing you need.

With that said, there are a variety of optional add-ons you can take advantage of to improve your chain link fence or make it more suitable for particular circumstances.Regardless of whether you choose to use any of these add-ons or not,the low cost of chain link fencing makes it easier to make the choice to put a barrier around your property once and for all.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike other types of fencing, chain link fence requires almost zero maintenance. This type of fence has the least surface area of any type of property barrier, which makes maintenance inherently easier.

Also, the types of materials used to make chain link fence don't accumulate dirt or rust easily. Furthermore, chain link fences that don't have coatings never experience chipping or discoloration, which is a common problem with fence options that are made from wood or other materials.

Even vinyl fences are subject to warping and discoloration. Barring the effects of serious natural disasters or car accidents, however, your chain link fence will look the same in five years as it does today.

Weather Resistant

Throughout the year, your fence may be exposed to rain, snow, and sunshine depending on where you live. Some areas of the country are extremely humid while others experience massive snowfall that covers the ground for months at a time.

Most fence materials eventually cave under nature's constant assault, but part of the reason that chain link is such a reliable fence option is that this fencing material is so weather-resistant. Some chain link fence materials are more weather-resistant than others, but every form of chain link fence resists the elements better than wood, vinyl, or other property barrier materials.

The Benefits of a Chain Link Fence

Now that you have an idea of why you should install a chain link fence today, let's take a closer look at the benefits that make this reliable fence option so attractive to property owners.


Whether it's a dog's gnawing teeth or kids with baseball bats, many abrasive factors that would decimate other fence materials won't make a dent in chain link. Therefore,chain link is a great choice if you want to install a reliable fence and then forget about it for years at a time.

Low Maintenance

There are only two main actions you need to perform to protect your chain link fence. First, you should inspect your fence regularly for any signs of wear. Second, you should periodically treat your fence for rust.

You don't need to repaint your chain link fence, and rust is the only major issue you need to keep an eye out for. Most types of chain link won't start to show the slightest hint of rust for years, and even if oxidation occurs, this issue is easy to treat.

Easy Installation

While we don't recommend that you install your chain link fence yourself, doing so is easy enough that it could certainly be a DIY job. Other types of fence require driving dozens of posts into the ground and laborious painting, but chain link fence only requires a few posts per side, and no painting is required.

In most cases, a chain link fence surrounding your entire property can be installed in a day or less.If you need a reliable fence but don't want to invest a lot of money and time into the project, chain link is the way to go.

Choice and Customization

Even though chain link is easy to install, this type of fencing is anything but boring. There are dozens of ways to customize your reliable fence to provide even more privacy, and other customization options offer wind resistance and other unique benefits.

You can even install a basic chain link fence now and customize it later. The simple design of this type of fencing allows customization at any stage of installation or use.

Chain Link Colors

One of the simplest ways to customize your chain link fence is to choose a color that perfectly fits the other features of your property. Here are some of the most common chain link fence color options you can choose:

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Almost all types of chain link fence are galvanized, which means they are coated with zinc. This metal is oxidation-resistant, which means that it keeps your fence from rusting.

Galvanization provides a silvery appearance, and the color offered by galvanized chain link fencing is probably what you're most familiar with. Galvanized chain link fencing is also usually the least expensive reliable fence option you can choose.

Black Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

Once chain link has been galvanized, it can also be covered by a variety of different colors of vinyl. This type of plastic is highly durable, and it further protects your chain link fence from the elements.

The primary purpose of coating a chain link fence with vinyl, however, is aesthetic. If your property already has a lot of black elements that you'd like to accentuate,covering your chain link fence with black vinyl is the right call.This color is also relatively forbidding, so it might turn away prying eyes or help protect your property.

Green Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

Making your reliable fence even more reliable with green vinyl is a common choice if you have a large yard. On its own, the color of galvanized chain link can contrast somewhat with lush, green grass, so this chain link vinyl color is also popular for sports fields, gardens, and other areas with wide expanses of greenery.

Brown Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

This color of vinyl coating is also designed to help your reliable fence blend in with its surroundings.Wanting to have a reliable fence in your backyard is perfectly understandable, but that doesn't mean you want to receive constant reminders that you've walled yourself in against nature.

Brown vinyl chain link fence matches woodland scenes perfectly. If you want to retain the forested backdrop that made you fall in love with your property in the first place while still keeping your home or business secure, this vinyl coating color is the perfect choice.

Slats & Windscreen

Once your new chain link fence is installed, you have a variety of customization options that can take your reliable fence solution to the next level. Windscreens and slats are special add-ons that add desirable attributes to your chain link fence, and we'll discuss the benefits of each type of customization option in this section.

Types of Slats

Slats usually consist of long strips of plastic that you slide into your chain link fence from above. These add-ons are kept in place by the interwoven links of your fence, and they provide various benefits depending on the type of slats you choose.

Privacy Slats

As the simplest types of slats you can add to your chain link fence, privacy slats slide in from the top,and they are available in various different colors. While privacy slats create opaque barriers in your fence that are hard to see through, there is a little bit of open space on each side of the slat to allow airflow.

Winged Slats

Winged slats are similar to normal privacy slats, but these types of slats help your reliable fence offer even more privacy with thin "wings" that come off of each side. These wings interlock with each other once your slats are installed, which eliminates the gaps on either side that are the hallmark of normal privacy slats.

Hedge Slats

Hedge slats give your chain link fence a natural appeal by replicating the appearance of living plants.Usually made from the same material as faux Christmas trees, these slats slide in from the top just like normal privacy slats. Used in the right setting, however, these unique additions to your reliable fence can blend in almost completely with the natural setting surrounding your property while still providing impeccable privacy.

Colors of Slats

Whether you choose winged or privacy slats, these reliable fence add-ons are available in a variety of different colors. We'll discuss your color options and introduce you to windscreens, another type of chain link fence add-on, below.

Green Slats

These types of slats go perfectly with fencing that's already coated with green vinyl, and they also complement galvanized chain link if you want to accentuate your lawn or the greenery surrounding your property.

Brown Slats

Brown slats look great in wooded areas,and since these slats are already a dark color, they don't show dirt and wear.

Red Slats

Red slats are less common for residential properties, but they serve as a warning to thieves and prying eyes when you install them in a chain link fence surrounding a commercial property.

Black Slats

Black chain link fence slats look great in practically any application. If your yard is relatively small,however, this dark color might be a little bit forbidding, so it's best to use black slats in larger areas.


Unlike slats, which insert between the links in your fence, windscreens attach to the outside of chain link and provide moderate privacy while reducing airflow through your property. Made from durable mesh, windscreens are most commonly paired with galvanized chain link fencing.