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Chain Link Fence

Chain Link Fence Installation in Maryland

Chain Link Fence

When it comes to fencing on your property, a chain link fence is a superior choice. It is a reliable fence, less prone to wear than wood fence, more sturdy than vinyl fence, and less expensive than iron fence. Aside from its durability, a chain link fence has much more to recommend it.

This fence is less expensive than eitherso you can erect one on a budget. Just because a chain link fence is not expensive, however, does not mean that it is substandard. Chain link fences that are well-maintained will be sturdy for the life of a house or other property.

Commercial 4ft Black Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence in Baltimore, MDResidential 6ft Galvanized Chain Link Fence with Red Slats in Dundalk, MD

Chain link fences are also see-through,which makes your property far less claustrophobic without losing the security of a sturdy, reliable fence. The chain link fence will still strongly mark the limits of your property, but your house won't resemble an armed compound either.

Chain link fences, unlike other reliable fences, also installs quickly and easily, which saves both time and money. With just a little bit of study, most semi-handy folks can maintain a chain link fence themselves because these reliable fences require very little in the way of ongoing maintenance.

You can even select from among multiple styles of fencing. It doesn't have to be bare metal. It can have wooden posts, plastic coating of varying colors, or even privacy slats if the transparent look isn't for you.

Safety & Security

You get to pick how much security you need. If you have big, powerful dogs, or the neighbor does, for example, you can build 10 feet high with a barrier on top of the fence. You can put in a locked gate across your driveway, should you wish. Bury the bottom of the fence so that neither critters nor curious children can dig or wriggle their way under your fence.

Chain link fences are easy to maintain,so you can keep the sharp edges safe for both human beings and our four-legged friends. Also, there's an old saying that, "A determined thief will break any security." Few, however, will try to bypass a tough, reliable fence and will go elsewhere.

If your chain link fence is high enough, then you can have peace of mind when your family is playing in your yard. Not only will they not be able to wander off, but no one of bad intent can easily reach them, especially if you build your chain link fence 6 feet high or more.

Installation & Maintenance

We've got the know-how and experience to handle any chain link fence job expertly and with a minimum of fuss. We have nearly eight decades' experience serving Baltimore, Maryland, and beyond. When you call us to get a chain link fence installed, we'll make sure the posts are 8-10 feet apart as they should be, sink them in gravel or concrete at your request, and make sure the bottom of your fence is secure too.

Before that, however, we'll come out and do all the requisite measurements, providing a free written estimate. We'll even give you the low down on different kinds of chain link fence so that you can make a fully informed decision on what kind of reliable fence you want. Of course, we'll get your go-ahead before doing any work. We'll also strive to keep the project as close to the written estimate as possible, but unforeseen circumstances could change things.

If you already have a fence, we do repairs even if we didn't install your original fence. We even do rebuilding work if that's necessary. There's basically no job too big or too small regarding chain link fences.

We'll even give you tips on how to maintain your strong, reliable fence. To maintain it properly, inspect it often. Pounce on any rust that appears right away. Clean large patches of dirt and grime from the fence. A good spray with a high-powered hose will usually do the trick. If you have a gate, check its swing regularly too. If it's off-kilter, loosen, adjust,and re-tighten the hinge screws and then recheck the swing.

Residential Chain Link Fence

Homeowners like a reliable fence because they don't have to worry about it except for the routine inspections that any chain link fence requires. A residential chain link fence is a cost-effective way to provide security for your home. If you want to mix your fence with your garden, growing vines and flowers will beautify your fence for years to come. Just be sure to control the plant roots so that they don't compromise the fence.

Commercial Chain Link Fence

If you want to secure your business with a chain link fence, we can handle that too. Commercial fences are usually taller than those for homes. Often, the fence is connected to an extensive alarm system or, in rare cases, an electrical generator.
With commercial chain link fences, gates are often automatic and must be meticulously aligned. We handle these jobs with ease, so you can have confidence in the reliable fence we provide.
We can even help you in the interior of your business. An electronic security cage is just a reliable fence made smaller and that encloses a much smaller space than an outdoor fence. We'll work with you during the free initial estimate to pick the right kind of fencing.

Chain Link Fence Basketball Court

Players on a basketball court without a reliable fence will spend lots of time chasing the ball as it goes out of bounds from an errant pass or terrible air ball. You can both do the players a favor and keep the basketball court safe during its closed hours by installing the proper chain link fence with a gate.

Even though the fence surrounding the court will take hundreds, if not thousands, of basketball strikes,chain link fences are tough enough to handle it. Chain link fences also give a little when run into, so they won't injure any player who runs into them as badly as a much more expensive wooden fence would.

Chain Link Fence For Tennis Courts

Players will chase the ball more than they'll play if your tennis court doesn't have a reliable fence.Necessarily, a tennis court will need a higher fence than a basketball court. We'll build you a reliable fence that could stand any number of 130-mph serves that are missed. Because tennis players cannot usually play without a wall blocking the far sight lines,we'll give you several options for obscuring those views.

Your tennis court will also be secure when you're not using it because we'll put a strong gate into the chain link fence. No matter the surface of your court, we'll be sure to secure the fence at the bottom so that you have no unwelcome visitors.

Baseball Field Backstop Fence

Outdoor baseball fields that are not actual stadiums need a solid backstop to control foul balls. A good backstop not only keeps the players from having to chase fouls all day, but it also protects the fans in any stands directly behind the plate. Even though a baseball will often smack into the fence at more than 100 mph, our reliable fence will take it for years.

Chain Link Fence for Dogs

You want to be able to let your dog run free in your yard, chasing rabbits or just dozing in the sun. You don't want your dog to be able to run away. One of our chain link fences is the solution. We'll build it high enough so that even the strongest pooch won't be able to jump it.

We'll also secure the bottom so that even the best doggy digger in the world won't get out by going under our reliable fence. Give yourself peace of mind when your dog is outside.

Chain Link Fence for Pools

An outdoor pool needs a chain link fence. It has to be tall enough to keep small children out during anytime that no adult is present. The gate has to be childproof, as well, even when unlocked. A proper chain link fence is a relatively inexpensive way to prevent a tragedy.

Chain Link Fence VS. Other Fences

Other fences, while certainly reliable fences, are not nearly as versatile as chain link fences. You wouldn't see a 30-foot high baseball backdrop made of solid oak nor would you usually see a 10-foot high vinyl fence around a pool. When you need a reliable fence, choose chain link. Its value is undeniable.

Why Choose Reliable Fence Company?

Aside from our experience, the best reason to choose us is our satisfaction guarantee. It's a one-year guarantee for workmanship and materials. If there's something wrong, we'll make it right. We also provide a lifetime labor guarantee for defects covered under the fencing manufacturers' limited warranty. Your sales associate will be delighted to answer any further questions you have about financing for a reliable fence.

We're also proud of the customer service we provide. We'll take care of all permits for the original job. We're thoroughly familiar with all applicable zoning laws. Insituations where your fence will connect with a painted structure from 1978 or before, we have the necessary certification to handle any lead-based paint safely.

For a nominal fee, we'll even clear and haul brush or have surveyors assess your property so that you don't accidentally place your new reliable fence in the wrong place. To ensure that things go smoothly, we also have a project manager who will oversee all aspects of your fence installation whether it's residential or commercial.

We always strive to communicate swiftly and openly, and we encourage you to do the same. Along with our skills and commitment to exceptional workmanship, it is this philosophy of open communication that has led us to be the most reliable fence company in Maryland and the surrounding states.

So, if you want to talk to us about installing a chain link fence at your property in Maryland, give us a call or drop by the office today. You'll be glad you did, and we'd be honored to serve you!

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