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Chain Link Fence Contractor In Baltimore

We are the top chain link fence contractor that services all of Maryland. As a galvanized chain link installers, it is important to us to use top quality chain link and give our customers many different options. We carry galvanized chain link fences, privacy slat chain link fences, windscreen chain link fences and more. Our chain link fences and gates are affordable and built to last.
Adding chain link fence and gates can add the security to your property and deter unwanted break-ins. By building secure chain link fences we give you the peace of mind about your property. Low maintenance is another attractive reason that clients have this style of fencing installed for. Beyond the chain link fence, there are many add-ons and modifications that can be done to personalize your fence to meet your needs. Adding privacy slats or windscreen can help with privacy, while razor wire and barbed wire can help with security. Chain Link comes in many different heights, types, & styles, such as Vinyl Coated, 9 gauge (Industrial) and pool compliant diameters.

Chain Link Security Fencing & Gates

We take security very seriously here at Reliable Fence Co., Inc. Our chain link fences and gates are affordable and secure, able to protect any property or facility. It may not last as long as Wrought Iron nor as pleasing to the eyes as Vinyl and wood but it makes up for it in versatility and security!

Chain Link Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, & Pools

Chain link is often used for tennis courts, basketball courts, & pools in parks and private residents.  We can install chain link fencing to any tennis court, basketball court, sport court, or pool at custom heights or standard. Chain link fencing and gates for sport courts come in both galvanized and colored vinyl coated options.

Dog Kennels And Dog Runs

Chain Link is also a reliable and affordable way to build a dog kennel in your backyard or install a dog run for a municipal complex or park. We understand having the space to run around is important for dogs and living in a city it’s not easy to find a place to let your dog run free.  Using chain link fencing is an economical way or give your dog the space to run free without getting lost or hurt!  

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It's in the name! We at Reliable Fence strive to provide a smooth and quality experience to everyone, whether you are a prospective client or a paying customer. In an industry infested with no-shows and corner-cutters, a little Reliability is sorely need and that is what we bring. We take pride in building quality, long lasting fences on-time and with no complications, as it should be!


Founded in 1992, Reliable Fence has worked on a massive range of projects big or small. We work fast and efficient due to our years in the business. Whether you're unsure of your wants and needs or already have plans drawn up, we will make sure that after we visit your project site, you will be happy and content, knowing you are in safe and reliable hands!


None of us would want a shoddy fence so why would we build one for you? We've encountered tons of contractors whose only motivation is their hourly wage, milking the clock, cutting corners, or just not putting in any effort. Not at Reliable Fence! We treat our customers with absolute respect by building with top quality material and making sure that your fence will last for many years to come...Still on the fence? Get in contact with us and our master craftsman will answers any questions you may have and get you started on securing your business!

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