April 9, 2021

Commercial Fence: Security With Curb Appeal!

Although you may think that commercial fences are practically the same as residential fences, there are actually a few key differences that make installing and maintaining them far different. While some of the same materials may be used, commercial fences must generally be strong rather than eye-catching and secure rather than artistic. However, depending on the needs of your business, there is no reason why your next fence cannot be both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Commercial fences come in a surprising array of colors, styles and materials that are designed to match the look of your outdoor business space. Whether you have a modern-looking office building or a large industrial site, Reliable Fence can help you protect your property while keeping entrances and exits accessible. Plus, we can help you know which fencing options will be the easiest for you to maintain so that you can spend more time worrying about the health of your business rather than the functionality of your fence.

If you are considering installing a fence around your business property or replacing the fence you currently have, you can learn more about the options available to you right here. Of course, our friendly fence installation experts at Reliable Fence can also answer any other questions you might have.

Benefits of Commercial Fences

Perhaps you have never considered just how much a commercial fence could benefit your property. Even though you know how much good they can do in a residential space, you may not have stopped to think about how they could provide similar benefits to your work space as well. Here are just a few ways that you can benefit from installing a commercial fence.

Commercial fences increase security around your business.

This is one of the most important benefits that businesses notice after installing commercial fences.  These fences are designed to be strong and to hold up well in the elements. They keep your expensive equipment and your building safe even when you are not on the premises and work in conjunction with other security elements, such as security cameras, locks and guards, to save you from loss.

Commercial fences keep out intruders and unwanted guests.

Not only can a securely gated commercial fence keep out unwanted intruders during non-business hours, but also it can prevent solicitors from entering your property. If you and your employees need solitude to work well, a fence can give you the peace that you need. Plus, a sturdy fence gate will let you give access to those you do want on your property.

Commercial fences can improve privacy.

Your business may have some areas that are unsightly no matter what you do to keep them clean and organized. A commercial fence can keep these areas out of view so that guests and customers do not have to look at dumpsters, sheds, work yards and company vehicles, which are safely hidden behind fences.

Commercial fences can improve your business aesthetics.

Once unsightly areas are hidden from view, the aesthetics of your entire property will improve. By improving your property’s image, you can create better curb appeal, which could bring you more business from interested customers.

Commercial fences set off your property.

If you are in a large business or industrial district, a fence will provide a sense of division between you and your neighbors. As you have probably heard, fences can make better neighbors. Fences can also provide divisions between different areas of your property.

Commercial fences can increase the value of your property.

Even if you are not thinking of selling your property any time soon, it is wise to consider your property’s value. Someday, you may want to move to a larger lot or sell your entire business, and a customized fence can be the bonus that someone is looking for in their next property.

Best Fencing Materials for Commercial Fences

Nearly any type of fencing material can be used to create a high-quality commercial fence. However, you will want to consider your ultimate goal for your fence as you make your decision. For example, one type of material may be better suited for strength and durability while another material may provide better aesthetics. Check out the following materials as you consider which would be best for your property.

Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are well-known for their strength and durability. They can also be built extremely high, giving you the ability to increase security on your property quite easily. Although they may not be the most beautiful fences, they do give you the benefit of easy maintenance and years of simple usage. Plus, they are quick to install, making them a great choice if you need your property fenced in immediately. Chain link is most frequently used around large industrial spaces or warehouses where aesthetics are not as important.

Wood Fence

Wood may not be as strong as chain link, but it can provide more privacy and can easily be installed in a variety of styles. Plus, you can paint or stain it in virtually any color you like to best match your building. This affordable fencing material does require some regular maintenance on your part, however.

Vinyl Fence

If beauty, privacy and very little maintenance are the most important aspects of your commercial fence, vinyl is most likely right for you. These fences are often white although they do come in some other neutral colors as well. They last for up to 30 years without requiring much more maintenance than an occasional cleaning to look their best.

Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron does not offer privacy, but it is the most beautiful of all fence materials. This traditional fencing option can be styled with gorgeous finishes. In addition, it is incredibly strong. As long as you remove rust and repaint the fence regularly, this material will probably outlast you.

Aluminum Fence

If you love the look of wrought iron but simply do not have the money for it or do not want to spend much time maintaining it, consider aluminum instead. It does not come in quite as many styles or with quite as many decorative flourishes as wrought iron, but it is still strong despite being lightweight, and it will never need to be repainted.

Best Commercial Fence Styles

Your commercial fence can be as simple or as decorative as you would like it to be. Consider the overall look of your building and the number of customers or clients who enter your property every day as you make your decision. You will also want to consider whether privacy, security or beauty are most important to you. Here are just a few of the top commercial fence styles our experts at Reliable Fence install every year.

Privacy Fences

Privacy fences are extremely good at keeping prying eyes away from your property. Whether you are trying to hide a lot of expensive equipment or simply want to conceal a messy yard or shop from your customers’ vision, privacy fences made of wood or vinyl are the obvious answer. Vinyl is a top choice for privacy because the solid panels can be quickly installed. However, wood privacy fences come in many heights and styles or can be designed in the shadowbox style to let through a bit of air and sunshine.

Slat Fences

If you want a chain link fence but still desire some privacy, we can install slats that are threaded through the chain links on your fence. Winged slats provide the most privacy as they interlock with each other to ensure that there are no gaps in your fence.

Ornamental Fences

For offices or businesses that have a great deal of customer traffic, an ornamental fence is usually the best option because it creates a welcoming appearance. You can choose from traditional styles or modern looks depending on the aesthetics of your existing business.

Gates for a Commercial Fence

Many commercial fences are not complete until you add a strong, locking gate. Gates provide easy access for foot traffic or even for your company vehicles depending on their size. Plus, they create a sturdy perimeter after business hours. For gates leading into walkways, a simple manual gate should be sufficient. However, you will want to consider an automatic gate that either swings or slides open for wide entrances.

Installing a Commercial Fence

Once you know what type of fence you want installed and where you will install it, our fencing experts will help you determine what materials and supplies you will need. We will measure your space and discuss gate locations on site. If you want a custom fence, we may need to order materials, which could take a week or two. However, once the materials have arrived and we are available to start, commercial fence installation goes quite quickly.

Depending on the size of your fence, installation may take only two or three days. We try to work around your schedule so that we do not interrupt your daily business any more than is necessary. Plus, we take care of every task, including cleanup, so that you do not have to worry about a thing.

Maintaining a Commercial Fence

Once your fence is installed, you may have to take some time for seasonal or yearly maintenance depending on the type of fencing material you chose. A wooden fence will need to be painted or stained in approximately a year once the lumber dries out. Wrought iron fences will need rust scraped away regularly and should be repainted every three years. Aluminum and vinyl fences will merely need to be washed clean with a mild soap and water to maintain their beautiful appearance.

Another key part of maintaining your fence is keeping the gate working well. Over time, the hinges may become squeaky or stop working smoothly, and the gate may begin to sag. By correcting these problems immediately, you can avoid costlier problems or complete fence gate replacement in the future.

Top Tips for Commercial Fences

Even with all of this information, you may still be confused about the type of commercial fence that is best for you. Consider the following six tips, which can help you make your decision.

Consider the ideal height for your fence.

If your fence is only meant to improve the aesthetics of your business, fence height will not be that important. A simple four-foot fence should be adequate. However, if you are adding a security fence, you will want a height that is less difficult for potential intruders to jump over. Opt for at least a six-foot fence. You may even want a 10 or 12-foot fence depending on your needs.

Consider adding additional security features.

Some business owners choose to add a slanted portion to the top of the fence, making it more difficult for intruders to climb. Others add barbed wire as a deterrent.

Check any local zoning laws.

Depending on your city, there may be specific zoning laws that will inform the size, look and height of fence that you want. For example, many municipalities require a building permit for fences over six feet tall. You may need to pay a fence permit fee and turn in a building plan before beginning.

Be sure to balance security and aesthetics.

Although you will never be able to have the most beautiful aesthetics with the most advanced degree of protection in your fence, you can certainly create a good balance in your final choice.

Take your time making a decision.

Instead of making a snap decision, take some time learning more about fencing options. Look at pictures online, or drive around your city to see fences in person.

Never settle for less than the best.

You should always work with a professional when adding commercial fencing to your property. Settling for a DIY project could easily lead to a less reliable fence and more problems in the future.

Trust Reliable Fence to Install Your Commercial Fence

When it comes to any commercial fence, strength, dependability and a long lifespan are the most important considerations you must make. While there are many styles and types of material to choose from when it comes to fencing, you will probably find that one type of commercial fence is best for your business.

Let a professional from Reliable Fence take the guesswork out of your fence installation project. We can help with everything, including planning your fencing area, choosing materials, installing your fence and making any necessary repairs over the years. With our help, you can protect your business and gain peace of mind even when you are not on the premises.