February 28, 2023

Decorative Fence

In the past, home and business owners installed a fence just for protection purposes. Today, a fence offers protection and creates a visual appeal to visitors. And if you're a business owner, you probably know how beneficial an attractive first impression can do to your business.

A decorative fence beautifies your property's exterior appearance. Besides, it makes your property look welcoming and perfectly maintained. More importantly, an excellent curb appeal can make your business look credible, trustworthy, and well-established.

There are a few things you can expect to get from a professionally installed decorative fence. That's what this blog post is about.
Qualities of a Decorative Fence
Here's what a decorative fence should be:

Beautiful and Durable

Decorative fences come in a vast range of designs and materials. So, you can choose one that suits your property, style preference, and budget. It can be pretty unique just as you want and still maintain its stunning beauty and durability.

The common materials used to make decorative fences include:
· Wood
· Vinyl-coated galvanized steel
· Aluminum
· Brick
· Stone
· Iron

You must choose materials that can withstand your region's weather conditions and seasonal temperatures. A fence professional in your area can help you pick the best materials for your decorative fence suited for your region's weather conditions. They will also help you select your dream fence that will require little or no maintenance.

Form and Function

A decorative fence provides the standard statement you expect any fence to give. It's not just for decoration. It offers a clear and current edge between your property and the world on the outside.

The fence will still keep away unwanted visitors from your space, offer security, safety, and privacy to everyone within it.

Most professionally-installed fence styles provide excellent visibility and clear sightlines. Therefore, it won't compromise your property's aesthetic design plan.

Get an Experienced Fencing Contractor

While some love DIY projects, installing a decorative fence requires an expert's touch. You want it to be chic, eye-catching, and offer you top-notch protection.

Whether you want a traditional, standard, wooden privacy fence, or a more elaborate decorative fence, an experienced fencing contractor will perfectly install it. They offer competitive pricing, but you can find one for your budget.

When selecting a decorative facing contractor, it is crucial to consider one who offers world-class fencing services. Ensure they have been in the business for several years to guarantee that they know what they do. If possible, check the reviews made by their customers.

An ornamental or decorative fence provides an air of luxury and status to your property. It also cranks the luxury element on your business or home. At the same time, it protects everyone and everything found inside it.

That's why we advise you to find a professional to help you install a decorative fence. They have the skills and knowledge to do so with utmost perfection. So you can expect to get the desired results.

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Horizontal Fencing: Is a Suitable Option?

Horizontal fencing is amongst the latest and trendy privacy options you can consider for your home or business property. Most people call them "the white fencepost of the contemporary age." That's mainly due to the recent rise in demand by property owners.

Unlike the standard wooden fences or the white picket equivalents, horizontally installed fences are incredibly durable. They also offer remarkable privacy and add style to your exterior appeal.

Here, we will discuss the main benefits of horizontal fences to help you decide if it's the right choice to make.

Why is Horizontal Fencing Very Popular?

Many property owners have developed an interest in horizontal and for good reasons. Its construction style provides lots of choices for customization: the best part, the styling blends with any property, whether rustic, modern, or ultra-stylish.

By selecting the type of materials and structure for your fence, you can easily add your character to outdoor areas, be it is for public or private use.

Below are the reasons why horizontal fences are popular these days:

1. Materials used are incredibly durable

Horizontal fences are incredibly durable, and that's just one of their greatest advantages. Their lifelong sturdiness is impressive and outshines a traditional wood privacy fence.

In most cases, the fence construction's age, materials used, and quality of installation are the main factors determining how durable a privacy fence can be. But honestly, any fence with parallel planks can stay for long.

The fence boasts a solid frame built mainly from metal beams and posts. Therefore, you can't expect natural vinyl or wood products to outlast time-tested steel.

Even the modern pressure-treated wood products deteriorate. They can also decompose and get eaten up through erosion. With a steel frame on your horizontal fence, expect none of these to touch it.

In other words, wood isn't durable. It won't last for several decades as it is prone to rotting, infestation by insects, or other sorts of damage. The wood found at the ground level or buried below the earth's surface is vulnerable to erosion.

Metal posts used in horizontal fencing are unthreatened by the elements that destroy vertical wood fences.

2. They offer excellent privacy

Horizontal fences are best known to provide unique privacy options than their vertical counterparts. An excellent example of this great modern fence is the tongue-and-groove pickets. This fence picket securely locks together without leaving any gaps between the slats.

So, it means that the slats form a robust wall that offers zero visibility between the sides. Privacy is always the guarantor for the safety of your home, family, and residents on your property.

3. Ultra-stylish and visually attractive

A visually appealing and stylish fence offers the best first impression of your property. Plus, it adds value to your home or business. They also make your property appear bigger.

Although a horizontal fence structure often looks simple, it's beautiful. It features a metal framework and slats stacked between the frames to fit your design elegance. The best part, this fencing style provides you with nearly unlimited design possibilities to choose from.

It is advisable to consider a fence crafted from a vast range of materials. This fence style acts as an architectural feature for your home or business property rather than just a mere fence.

Whichever design you choose, your horizontal fence will get mounted to a secure concrete slab or installed straight into the ground.

Conclusion: Should I consider Horizontal Fencing?

The choice on whether horizontal fencing style is suitable for you narrows down to what your options are, the type of materials, and finding the best professionals for the job.

With the above benefits, this fencing style is worth your money. It is highly durable, attractive, stylish, and provides remarkable privacy.

If you think this type of fencing is the right option for you, consider finding a fencing expert to help you with the installation.

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Can A White Picket Fence Add Value To Your Property?

Are you thinking of building a new white picket fence for your home? If so, you're probably wondering if this fence type will add value to your home or business property.

The thing is, it's not guaranteed that you'll get a return on investing in a fence. But, if you properly construct it and use a more attractive design, you may add value to your property and increase its selling chances. Besides, it increases the safety and security of your property.

A poorly designed and built fence will automatically reap such benefits. That's why you must look for the most reputable and professional contractors for such installation.

That's because they know how much a fence means to any property. They see it as something more than just a boundary framing your home or commercial property. So they'll always advise you to use quality construction, what materials to use and how best to maintain your fence.

White picket Fence vs Wood Picket Fence Costs

Constructing a top-quality wood picket fence or such like the fence is never cheap. For instance, in Los Angeles, fencing projects cost between $1700 and $4000. However, the cost can vary based on various factors such as:
· Fence height
· Length of perimeter
· Material used
· Type of construction
· Contractors hired

The materials to construct a white picket fence may range from $1 to $45 per linear foot. Front yard fences are usually 3 feet tall, whereas backyard fences are typically taller for enhanced privacy, safety, and security.

So in case you're looking for a white picket fence to add value to your home and earn a good return on investment, consider using quality materials and maintain it well.

How to Choose the Right Materials for Your White Picket Fence

The white picket fence has been a crucial factor in the American dream for a long time now. Since the mid-19th century, this type of fence has created an appealing impression for many homeowners. It is their symbol for attaining their social and economic status in the middle class.

Nowadays, it is a strong symbol for many people. Unlike in the past, the contemporary picket fence is easy to maintain. When you pick suitable fencing materials, be sure that they will last to save you from frequent purchases.

Vinyl fences are easy to maintain as it requires little to zero maintenance. It needs occasional rinsing with a garden hose to eliminate dirt or debris. Doing so will keep your vinyl fencing fresh as if it is new. That's because vinyl is a plastic material covering wood slats to make them resistant to any weather.

Even if you are looking for traditional wood picket fences, you'll still find timeless options that give you classic appeal.

Also, be ready and willing to invest your time and money in maintaining the wooden slats. And that involves conducting occasional sanding and repainting whenever the finish looks worn.

If you consider other material options like iron and aluminum metal, you'll most likely find them as they are less common.

How to Get the Most Value out of Your White Picket Fence

If you've opted to install a white picket fence in your home, calling the pros will get you closer to getting the most value out of your fence. The expert fence builders will help you determine the suitable materials to use.

They'll also advise you about which fence type will get you the most return on your investment. More importantly, they can offer you free quotes and schedules to ensure that you quickly get your dream white picket fence.

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Can you install an Extra Gate on My Fence?

Numerous questions arise when it comes to a new fence installation. The most crucial one is; what kind of material do you want to use on your fence? Is it wood, aluminum, iron, vinyl, PVC, or chain link?

Making a choice here can be tricky. But a professional fence contractor can help you determine the type of materials best suited for your residential or business property.

But can you install an extra gate on my fence? Yes, but it will depend on your preference. And that's more of a personal decision to make.

Experienced contractors will mainly offer you some basic help. It's for you to make the final move and choose what's ideal for you.

How Many Gates Can You Install into a Fence?

As we've stated above, it's your personal decision to make regarding the number of gates you want to install into your face.

But obviously, having a single gate isn't a wise decision. It won't be enough to allow for ease of use and give access to your yard. In other words, as a homeowner, you need to have more than one point of accessing your home. Therefore, at least two gates are crucial.

The front yard gate enables you and your family to leave your home. In addition, your family and friends can also access your backyard with ease using the driveway.

A gate installed at the back of your fence will provide easy movement of stuff. Consider installing a gate near such a structure if you have an outbuilding or a shed outside your fence's perimeter. That will allow you to bring tools and equipment in and out of your yard with ease.

The number of gates may also depend on the size and width of gates. That's another vital factor to consider. Slimmer gates are ideal for areas where only people will enter and leave your home or property.

A wider gate is excellent for moving anything from small lawnmowers to large equipment in and out of your home.

As for a business, a fence is mainly for added protection and security. So, having more than one gate can be a weaker access point by intruders.

In such a case, you must consider hiring commercial gate operators. They are easier to operate than manual ones as they open and close electronically.

Business owners should also access their commercial property using different access points. So, they must install strategic gates on their fence.

Whether a home or commercial property, having several access points is essential. But before you make up your mind, ensure you contact experienced fence contractors. They will help you make a well-informed decision that you won't regret in the future. Still, always go for what's best for you!