September 1, 2021

Do You Really Need an Electric Gate?

Are you consider beefing up the security at your property? You may not want to turn your home into an impenetrable fortress. But if you are worried about crime or vandalism in your area, what can you do? It may just be a matter of needing a bit more privacy. There are plenty of answers on the market. An electric gate is one of them.

An Electric Gates Brings Privacy and Control

One of the most appealing reasons to buy an electric gate for your property is the privacy it brings. Once people realize that the barrier around your home is wired, they will tend to respect your decision. It sends a message that the outside world can get only so far and no further. Your property is protected in a very tangible way.

An electric gate can also keep your home free of non-human nuisances. If you live in a suburban or rural area where squirrels, birds, or other animals frequently damage your property, an electric fence is definitely the best way to go. This type of gate is designed with the specific purpose of giving a shock to anyone who trespasses it.

Another widely cited reason to put an electric gate is the higher level of control that it can bring. You want to be on top of who gets into your home. You want to be always be aware of who is hanging around outside the border of your property. Cameras will record movement and put a name to a face but they don't keep an intruder out.

This is where the added layer of security that an electric gate will bring you comes into the picture. A little bit of shock value goes a long way toward deterring a potential car thief or home invader. The more public you make your gate, the sooner all but the most hardened, desperate, or stupid criminals will know to stay away.

And the ones that fail the Darwin test have a nasty shock followed up by full camera surveillance to look forward to. This will give them plenty of time to reflect on a new choice of career once they get out on parole. This is the main reason why you need to get an electric fence installed on your property: It shocks even the riff raff.

Safety is the Goal Behind Your Gate

If you are really interested in getting the ultimate level of safety for your home, an electric gate is one of the best ways to do so. It will give you an extra layer of security that you can use to supplement all of your other precautions. Think of an electric gate as the icing on the cake when it comes to keeping your family safe.

The control that comes with an electric gate is well worth the price of the initial installation. You can control the entire system from a computer in your home. You can also use apps to control the system from your laptop, tablet, Android, or Smartphone. With so many options, you don't even have to be on the property to keep total control.

This is one of the biggest reasons for you to buy a modern digitally controlled electric gate. If the security system on your property picks up the presence of an unauthorized intruder, it can send you a signal right away. This will be your cue to leap into action. The signal goes to your phone which lets you choose your next move.

When it comes to keeping your family safe, you can't afford to cut corners or skimp on quality. It will be up to you to do all in your power to keep your property as secure as possible. Having the option to turn on the system or report an intruder even when you are not actually on the property is the extra layer of peace of mind you can use.

Electric Gates Can Enhance Your Curb Appeal

An electric gate system can do much more than just keep your home free of animal pests, vagrants, and home invaders. It can also add a great deal of curb appeal to your property. This is a consideration that you will definitely do well to keep in mind. If you're looking for a new way to spruce up your property, this will work.

People who drive by your house want to see a well kept property. They want every detail from the front lawn to the driveway to be on point. They want to see the grass neatly mowed, trimmed, and edged. They want to see your mailbox looking sturdy and standing tall. And they want to see that your home is protected by modern security.

This is curb appeal that you need not only to keep your home safe but to maintain a secure standing in your community. An electric gate is the perfect capper to add just the right amount of curb appeal to your property. A well maintained home and yard needs the assurance of total security to tie the whole concept together and sell it.

Electric Gates Add to Your Resale Value

Speaking of selling, we should also add at this point that having an electric gate on your property will also raise up your resale value. There are several reasons why this should be the case. For one, you want to top off your property with the guarantee that all of this high quality real estate is secured in the most modern manner possible.

When a potential buyer first comes on to your property, just imagine how they feel. They have probably already been to see several other properties that weekend or even that very day. It's not hard to picture them being weary of the whole experience. Their attention span is bound to be low because they just want to get it over with.

Now picture what a smart looking, fully functional, and completely modern security gate can do to perk up their interest. All of a sudden, they will have the feeling that they aren't just coming on to the average neighbor's home. They are being escorted through a genuine security gate. This gives a feeling of exclusiveness.

If your property is an expensive and exclusive one, an electric gate will top it off in grand style. It will add a serious amount to your ultimate resale value precisely because of this. It's not only the added security, it's also the fact that it makes you and your family feel special. This is a feeling you want to pass on to a buyer.

An Electric Gate Shuts Out the Noise

Peace and quiet are commodities that always seem to be in very short supply. With the assistance of an electric gate, you may finally be able to get some for yourself and your family. An electric gate sets a definite boundary to your property. It's a nice but convincing way of reminding others of just where their area ends and yours begins.

If you have neighbors who are particularly high spirited and prone to make noise, you may well wonder where to draw the line. This is an issue that they may not be capable of deciding for themselves. In such a situation, you will be the one who will need to take the initiative. An electric fence sets up a boundary that can block out noise.

The reason why should be clear. Your noisy neighbors, whether vacationing middle agers or rowdy teens, can celebrate all they like on their own property. They can make noise out in the street in front of their home if they wish. But they won't be able to get anywhere your property. The electric gate sends a message that distance is desired.

With distance comes peace. The electric gate that you set up in front of your home gives you a defined boundary to your territory. It lets people know that they won't be coming close enough to your area to cause you any distractions. This can be the key to improving relations with your neighbors by keeping them far enough away for comfort.

An Electric Gate Compliments Your Home Style

One of the best things about a modern electric gate is the fact that it can compliment the style of your home in a great many ways. You can get a conventional electric gate to suit the style of a traditional suburban or country home. But if you are feeling in an adventurous mood, you can customize the style of your gate for a different feel.

The idea behind the design of your gate should be the same as any other element of style that you bring to your home. It should blend in well with the other properties of the neighborhood. You don't want to irritate your neighbors by sticking out like a sore thumb. This is a move that can bring down home prices in the entire region.

If you play your card right, you can get a gate that functions as a welcome extension of the style of your home. It should also fit in well with your own personal style of decor. By doing so, the gate will become a natural extension of your home rather than an addition. Integrating it into your decor scheme is the way to add style and value.

Customize Your Gate for Added Home Security

There are other, more practical, ways that you can customize your electric gate. You can choose the precise level of voltage that it delivers to an intruder. This will keep the shock at a humane level that will send a message without causing any lasting harm. This is especially important with regard to the animals in your environment.

You can also adjust other aspects of your gate. These include the length, width, and total height. This will be crucial in order to make sure that the gate is as effective as possible when it comes to filtering out nuisances as well as real dangers. You need to be sure that the gate you choose will envelop and fully protect your property.

You can speak with a local electric gate provider to ensure that the model you get is adequate for your immediate needs. However, you will also need to plan for the future. The design that works for you now may be out of date or impractical in the years to come.  

The electric gate you get for your home needs to be customizable in case new developments cause the need for some changes. The more flexible the design of your electric gate, the easier these changes can be made.

You Need a Pro to Install Your Gate

This is not the kind of high tech toy that you can hope to figure out on your own. The workings of the system can be complex to install and activate. Your best bet will be to hire a professional service to do the job. The expert you hire will also be able to help you choose the kind of electric gate system that works best with your property.

This is important to keep in mind because there isn't only one kind of electric gate. For this reason, you need to be very aware of the type you are getting for your own property. You don't want to go with something that you saw on the web that merely "looks good." It may be right for someone else's property but not for your own home.

For this reason, it's a good idea to call upon the services of an expert who can inspect your property and tell you exactly what you need. From there, you can negotiate the price of installation, maintenance, and the like. The sooner you come to an agreement on an electric gate, the sooner you can enjoy a new level of security.