February 28, 2023

Fencing Considerations in 2022

A fence may provide your home with much more than protection and safety. You may add to the attractiveness of your yard or pool area by adding a new style element to your home. Having your own space: Having your little retreat is more popular than ever. Remember, making your own backyard space may be a great way to spend time with family and friends while also providing a quiet place to recharge and refocus.

Why do you need the fence?

Your purpose for installing the fence needs to be precise. Is your intention to make your property safe and secure, or do you want to improve the curb appeal? Clarity on the fence's purpose would also help you decide on the size, including the materials to be used. A wood or concrete fence can protect your vegetable garden from large pests such as rodents while at the same time maintaining and improving the style and privacy of your property. You should select a fence type that matches your desire without losing sight of its functionality. Having a decorative fence that is appealing but cannot secure your property will be of little use. Here at Reliable Fence, our experts can assist you in selecting a fence type that matches your requirements.

What to Consider When Choosing a Fence for your Property

Fences play an essential role in property ownership, and thus choosing the right one for your home or business is crucial. With various options available in the market, selecting your desired fence can be a very time-consuming and challenging affair. Before choosing a fencing option that suits your needs, you should consider the pros and cons of each type of fence and then match it to your needs.

After knowing why you are installing the fence, selecting an option from the different available types will depend on your preferences, budget, available space, and the maintenance that will be required. It is also important to choose the right fencing firm or contractor if DIY is not an option. Getting reviews and testimonials about the firm or the individual can significantly assist you here.


The fence you install needs to compliment the beauty of your home or business premise. A good wall improves the property's first impression from the street side and can be used to hide unappealing sights on the premise. This is also important to your business as it gives it a well-established, credible, and trustworthy look. Materials that easily blend with the surrounding environment should be considered. Wood fencing, for example, provides a natural beauty to your property compared to concrete fences. Wrought iron, PVC, vinyl, or ornamental fences can also be excellent alternatives.


Whether it is to avoid nosy neighbors, create a secluded backyard for relaxing, or keep away onlookers, we all have reasons for desiring privacy. A Reliable Fence, such as concrete precast or wood, with little to no space between the planks, is more suitable compared to wrought iron or chain link fence. Planting shrubs or climbing plants or adding privacy slat inserts can come in handy when privacy is required in chain link fences. This can also aid in preventing damage to facilities on the property, such as lawn furniture, by strong winds. You will have to factor in the height of the fence since a taller fence will result in more privacy. This should, however, be done without contravening neighborhood patterns or existing regulations.


Many different fencing materials are available, including wood, iron, composite, aluminum, and PVC. When choosing a material for your fence, it is crucial to consider the maintenance required, its availability within your locality, and the cost of installing it. It would be best if you went for long-lasting, appealing, affordable materials that will perform the function of the fence. Vinyl, although more expensive compared to wood, requires less maintenance. Wood is cheaper and can be easily customized to different styles, but it needs repainting or staining or, in some cases, replacement.

Using metal for your fence is similar to vinyl in that it requires minimal maintenance over time but is cheaper than vinyl. PVC is famous for being durable, easy to clean, and fire-resistant. The weather pattern of your location will have a considerable effect on the choice of materials for the fence. For instance, a wooden or metallic fence may not be the best option for properties in coastal regions due to rusting and rotting. If you choose metal or wood fences, the type of finish for the fence will also need to be factored in. The finish should offer long-lasting care for the fence and be attractive.

How long will the Fence last?

Composite fences and aluminum fences are not susceptible to rusting or rotting compared to wrought iron or wood fences. They are thus a good choice for durable fencing. Concrete can withstand wear and damage, making it the best option for long-lasting fencing. Use of insect and rot-resistant wood such as cedar to make your wood fence would make the fence last longer and also reduce maintenance costs. Wrought iron, vinyl, and chain-link fences are considered the most durable fence types and are famous for warehouses or industrial areas. Although they are costly to install, they last longer while at the same time requiring little maintenance. Choosing an aluminum fence is the best alternative in cold areas since it is winter durable.

Maintaining the Fence

Being an outdoor element, your fence is vulnerable to weather elements such as wind, rain, or heat that would damage its structure and firmness. Easy-to-maintain materials such as concrete and aluminum may work best for your fence compared to wood or wrought iron. You will need to paint or stain your wood fence or regularly remove rust from the wrought iron fence, unlike aluminum which requires washing with soap and water. Choosing when to repair or replace may be difficult when maintaining wood fences. The wood fence should be replaced when more than 20% of it has been damaged or when repairs become too frequent. Repairing should be done on the small sections displaying signs of wear and tear.

Small damaged portions in vinyl fencing may require the replacement of the panels to maintain them. Regularly checking your fence can assist in identifying and avoiding costly repairs to your fence. The time you are willing to spare for maintenance purposes should also be considered when choosing a fence type. Avoid the hassle of maintaining your fence by letting our professionals at Reliable Fence assist you.  

Cost of Installation and Maintenance

You will want to consider the cost of installation, materials, and maintenance before selecting a fence for your property. Other factors, such as fence design, the fence's height, and the size of the property to be fenced, will also impact the cost. Concrete walls are relatively cheap to install, and their maintenance is affordable. Wood fences though less expensive to install, often require regular maintenance that may be costly. The grade of the materials used, for instance, quality, premium, and rustic grades in picket fences, will vary the cost of installing a fence. Installing a more extended and higher barrier to get privacy requires more labor and materials, which increases the project's cost. When repairing or replacing damaged parts of the fence, the extent of the damage will influence the cost. The labor required to repair or replace needs to be included in your cost calculations.  

Securing your Property

A Reliable Fence deters potential threats such as burglars, break-ins, wild animals, or invaders. It also keeps children and pets inside the compound, limiting their movement into traffic or the neighbor's property. A fence around your home or business reassures customers and visitors of their safety within the premises. A fence with other security features such as CCTV cameras, locks, and security guards will protect you against the loss of valuable property. A chain-link fence that features spikes along its top keeps climbers away. Concrete precast, wrought iron, and vinyl fences are also popular with business owners. You may have to consider fencing options that secure your premise and are also attractive if your business or organization depends on portraying a positive image to the public. Metal fences with barbed wire at the top are suitable for banks but are poor for businesses where appearance is important, such as churches.

Improving the Curb Appeal

Installing a fence increases the value of your property. A well-designed fence would be attractive to prospective buyers and would also increase buyers when the property is up for sale. A business premise with an appealing fence such as wood or ornamental iron may experience increased customer traffic in their business. However, the value of the property will remain the same if the fence is not well maintained; a poorly maintained fence, such as a rusty or rotting fence, may decrease the property's value. Our professionals at Reliable Fence can install for you a decorative fence that beautifies your landscape and also marks the boundaries of your property, increasing its resale value.

Fence Etiquette

The fence type you select for your property should align with neighborhood or municipal regulations. Guidelines on the materials to use, the height of the fence, and where it should be placed need to be adhered to. Your fence needs to blend in with not only your home or business but also the surrounding neighborhood. The fence needs to be maintained to compliment the community's overall appearance. When installing or making repairs to your fence, it is advisable to inform your neighbors about your intentions to avoid disputes with them. You should check your boundary lines to avert legal challenges or misunderstandings with your neighbors. Consider using a neighbor-friendly fence, i.e., a similar fence on both sides, to provide you and your neighbor with the same view.  

Finding a Reputable Fencing Contractor

Few things are more intimidating to a homeowner than a large-scale home renovation job. After all, your home is not only a secure refuge for you and your family but also one of the costliest items you'll ever purchase. As a result, finding a reliable contractor to assist you with your job is beneficial. Here are a few additional reasons you should pick a contractor with a solid reputation and who will construct long-lasting structures.

More Quality

Fence installation projects may go beyond budget and schedule; thus, a job done poorly will simply result in more costs, maintenance, and replacement in the long term. While higher-quality building materials may be more expensive at first, a qualified fencing contractor will take the time to choose excellent materials and apply their craftsmanship that will help your fence endure the test of time.

More Options

When it comes to picking the fence you want to compliment your design style, an experienced contractor can provide a wide range of design options and materials to choose from that will give you the style you desire within your budget.

More Experience

Consider a professional fence installer that specializes in this type of work. A skilled fence contractor's experience helps them correctly estimate how much time and money your job will require. Having a list of references and testimonials for previous work would come in handy.

Fence Styles Trending for 2022

The Timeless Classic

The white picket fence has long been associated with this idea. It brings this aspect to life in a stylish and timeless way. Wood fences come in a variety of styles, including basic picket, scalloped picket, stack pole, and shadowbox.

The Trend That Never Goes Out Of Style

Wrought iron is an ageless option for a stylish fence that also serves as a boundary. While a wrought-iron fence will not provide you with seclusion, it will provide your property with the enduring beauty that bespoke and tailored pieces may provide for years to come.


Choosing a fencing option from the many available alternatives, installing and maintaining the fence for your home or business can be uphill. Let our experts at Reliable Fences, who are experienced, insured, and up to the task, help you acquire your dream fence. Our vast knowledge and experience dealing with different fence designs, fencing materials, and maintenance operations are what you require to achieve the best fence for your home or business.