June 6, 2021

Pool Fences: A Necessary Addition

Most people with pools do not realize how essential it is to have a pool fence. If you have had a pool for several years and you do not have a pool fence, it is time you considered having one installed. If you are planning to install a pool, please think of adding a pool fence because a pool fence can keep your pets, neighbors, and family safe. Other than offering you increased protection, when the idea is well thought out, installing a pool fence will add style to your backyard’s design.

Just as with any other type of fence, when you decide to get a pool fence installed several factors may influence your decision. For instance, you want to get a pool fence that matches or compliments your backyard’s design but also offers protection. The style of the pool fence may also influence your decision. Luckily, our article will guide you through the process to help you make an informed decision and select a beautiful pool fence that you will always love, and one that will be stylish and long-lasting.

Some of the essential things you have to consider when choosing a pool fence are the height and privacy that a pool fence can offer. Then you can follow up with things like the maintenance, style, and cost, to you can make a decision on the type of pool fence design and material you will choose. Listed below are these factors in detail.


It is worth noting that a pool fence is not similar to a conventional backyard fence. A pool fence serves as a boundary in your backyard but not as a boundary between your backyard and the neighbors or the streets. Therefore, pool fences often vary in terms of the kind of privacy they will offer you compared to the conventional backyard fence. This means that when you are using your pool you may realize that your neighbors can see more of you, or you more of them than you would like.

In such a situation you can consider getting a pool fence that offers you total privacy. The best choice would be one without gaps so it can create a solid block between the outside world and your yard.

Getting a privacy fences ensures that you have sufficient security and also filters out any unwanted sounds or sights. A privacy pool fence will be an excellent choice, especially if you stay in a noisy neighborhood, or a business or industrial area. You could also choose to get a semi-privacy pool fence, which is like a privacy fence except it has a couple of gaps to ensure there is enough air flow.

They also offer you privacy and are a solid barrier between your surrounding neighborhood and your pool, while allowing you to have the benefit of getting the cool breeze. There are multiple materials one can use to get a privacy pool fence. For instance, you could choose from chain-link slats, vinyl, and wood, which are all long-lasting and durable materials.

However, if you already have a backyard fence, or you do not mind a less private pool fence because you would like to see your neighborhood’s view, you can get a pool fence with gaps. Any material can be used to make a less private pool fence. The gaps between the slats will be increased to achieve this. If privacy is not your biggest concern, you can consider using glass or mesh.


Height is an essential factor to consider when getting a pool fence.  This is because the height significantly affects the style, privacy, and security of your fence. You must ensure that the fence is tall enough, especially if you have small children since it ensures that they will not climb over it.

The height of your pool fence should be the ultimate determinant if you have pets and young children. However, before you finalize on the design you would like, it would be best to check with your local regulations. This is because specific jurisdictions demand a particular height for a pool fence. You can achieve your desired pool fence height with any material you select.


The materials you choose affects the general style of your pool fence. As mentioned earlier, there are several materials you can choose from to get a beautiful, secure, and durable pool fence. Materials often vary in price, style, maintenance, and functionality, so it is crucial to do thorough research before you select the material you would like to use in designing your pool fence. The most common materials people choose are chain-link, aluminum, vinyl, and wood because they are versatile, durable, and can achieve any design you would like.

Aluminum Pool Fences

Aluminum fencing is an affordable solution you can choose that will still provide you with a classy look. Other than style and affordability, an aluminum pool fence will also be long-lasting. However, they require regular maintenance to avoid rusting. If you would like a less private barrier that allows to enjoy your surrounding view, aluminum fencing is the best solution for you.

Vinyl Pool Fences

Over the years, vinyl pool fences have become very popular because they are easy to clean and maintain, are durable, affordable, and also help you achieve great style. They come in multiple designs and are cheaper to install compared to the conventional wooden fence. It is worth noting that vinyl fence will not be the best solution for you if you live in an area that has high-winds. Since vinyl fence does not have a lot of space between its slats, they are more likely to get damaged from strong wind.

Chain-link Pool Fences

Chain-link fences are not only economical but they also require very minimal maintenance, and are easy to install. This is another excellent pool fence solution if you would not like your view barricaded. However, you could also ask to have it customized to offer you more privacy.

Wood Pool Fences

There are multiple options you can select from when you choose a wood pool fencing solution. You could select a raw wood fence if you would like a rustic and charming look. However, raw wood is more likely to wear and tear, discolor, and split gradually, since the wood is not painted or treated. Painted wood fences offer you the vibrancy of whatever color you would like or the charm of a conventional white picket fence. The upside of selecting a painted wood fence is that you can pick a color that compliments or is similar to your pool décor or garden.

You can get a wood fence with a lattice design or the conventional vertical board arrangement. It is worth noting that a lattice fence is expensive to install compared to the conventional fence, but it also offers you privacy. Generally, wood pool fences are affordable and are also durable. However, they need the right maintenance and up keep, like repainting. You may also have to change their boards after a specific period of time. When well-taken care of, they can go for years.

Benefits of Having a Pool Fence

As mentioned earlier, most people are not aware of the dangers posed by a pool that is not fenced. There are several benefits of installing a pool fence to your pool area. Listed below are some of the benefits of installing a pool fence and why you should consider getting one installed.

You Can Keep Critters At Bay

Having a pool fence is essential because it can help keep unwanted animals like wildlife or your neighbors pets out of your pool. This not only adds extra protection to your pool but you also do not have to deal with chasing the animals. You also do not have to worry about the animals pooping in your pool, which can be a nuisance since you will have to keep cleaning the pool and doing regular maintenance.

Save On Insurance

You can significantly save on insurance when you have a pool fence installed on your property. Some insurance policy providers may require for you to have a pool fence, and others can give you a discount off your homeowner’s insurance if you have a pool fence installed.

Stick To The Laws and Rules

A lot of states, jurisdictions and cities usually have laws regarding pool fences in place. For instance, if you live in Georgia, the state law demands that there should be a fence around every swimming pool. They are also specific about how you should build your safety fence. As mentioned earlier, other states also have rules such as how high your pool fence should be.

It would be best to find out what the laws in your jurisdiction, state, or city state about pool fences. Working with a professional and knowledgeable company is also essential because they can enlighten you about the rules if you are not aware of them.

Peace of Mind and Convenience

Getting a pool fence is very convenient because unlike pool covers and nets that have to be replaced after each use, pool fences are permanent. There is no effort needed from you for a pool fence solution to be effective. You can also have peace of mind when you get a pool fence installed. For instance, if you get a self-closing and a self-latching gate that has a lock that is located high on your pool fence, you are assured that your pool area will stay off limits and will be locked until you decide to open it.

If you have young children, you will also be at ease knowing that they cannot easily access the pool area unless you are present to open the gate for them. Not forgetting that you will also be protecting your pets or the neighbor’s pets from getting in the pool.

Customized Options

The best thing about getting a pool fence is that you can have it customized to whatever design you would like. It does not matter what material, size, design, or shape, whatever you want will be made to fit both your style and your needs. As mentioned earlier, you can either go for a pool fence that offers you full privacy, semi-privacy, or one that allows you to have a clear view of your surroundings. Whatever solution you settle on will also be relatively affordable, and durable.

An Affordable Investment

A pool fence is an affordable investment. Affordable is relative since various factors may after the total installation price of your pool fence. For instance, the cost, your location, the type of fence you want installed, and the size of your pool. While the cost may end up being high, you cannot compare that to the cost of someone losing their life because you neglected to fence your pool. We cannot stress how essential it is to have a pool fence installed, especially if you have younger children, or if your neighbor has young children who may wander to your pool.

Avoid a Lawsuit

Getting a pool fence can help you avoid a lawsuit. As mentioned earlier, if a neighbor or say a neighbor’s child ended up falling into your swimming pool, because it is unfenced, and they lose their life you will be liable. Therefore, it would be best to avoid such a scenario by getting a pool fence installed.


Getting a pool fence can give you added privacy especially if you do not want your neighbors to see you, or you do not want to see them from your pool. You can opt for a pool fence that offers you full privacy when you are in your home. This ensures that you are not self-conscious when you decide to take a swim because you are aware that someone may be watching, and it also offers your family privacy.

Increases Your Security and Safety

It is worth noting that in the United States alone, about 4,000 people drown annually. Drowning is also one of the topmost leading causes of unintentional death of children aged between one and four years. That is why, we cannot stress enough why it is crucial to fence your pool. A pool fence will prevent such an ordeal from happening, because other than having your kids who may fall into the pool and drown, you may also have a visitor living with you and they do not know how to swim.

Installing a pool fence has multiple benefits. From the options discussed above, you have multiple options to select from when getting a pool fence. Ensure you select a pool fence that is durable, stylish, and it still offers you the security you need.