April 9, 2021

The Benefits of a Privacy Fence

As the Robert Frost poem suggests, “Good fences make good neighbors.” This verse is especially true in terms of installing privacy fences. There are several reasons you may be considering privacy fencing, and the truth is there are many benefits to having a fence. From added home security and containment purposes to obscuring unwanted views to noise reduction, privacy fencing can achieve your goals. Below we will take a closer look at the many reasons privacy fencing is important and some of the different options you will face in terms of selecting a privacy fence.

Why Might You Want a Privacy Fence?

Most obviously, the addition of a privacy fence provides you with the solitude to do whatever you want in the comfort of your yard without gawking onlookers. Whether it be nosy neighbors or passersby, there are many reasons you may want to ensure your privacy. If you have a swimming pool that you like to lounge around or frolic in, it’s nice to know that no one is on-looking. If you like to spend romantic evenings in your hot tub with a glass of wine, again, it is preferable to do so in seclusion.

Additionally, if you have got small children who will be spending days playing in the yard, you may prefer them to not be seen by others, or vice versa. With so many unsavory people in the world, a privacy fence is an added protection to your child’s safety. Finally, if you have a wily dog who may be attracted to things on the other side of your property line, it may be smart to protect your dog and others by installing a privacy fence.

The ability to remain unobserved on your property is desirable for so many reasons. From privately sunbathing to protecting your children and avoiding nosy neighbors to protecting your pooch, a privacy fence can accomplish all of these goals.

Privacy Fencing as a Security Measure

In addition to the aforementioned ways that a privacy fence can secure your family, there are other reasons privacy fencing improves your home’s security. One way your home is further protected by privacy fences is that they may help to keep stray and wild animals out of your yard. Stray and wild animals pose a safety threat to your yard, your pets, and your family, so keeping them out is more than ideal. From coyotes to raccoons and feral cats to stray dogs, protecting your children and property from the destruction and disease of these animals is of utmost importance.

Moreover, privacy fences act as a deterrent to possible intruders or perpetrators. Not knowing what is on the other side of the privacy fence way deter a criminal from intruding. Additionally, depending on what you keep in your yard, you may not want potential intruders to see valuable items. You may be storing expensive items like a camper, boat, grill, television, refrigerator, lawnmower, or countless other items in your yard. By keeping expensive equipment unobservable, criminals will not be tempted to victimize you and your personal property.

Another way a privacy fence can ensure the safety of your property comes into play if you have a swimming pool. Being able to ensure that wandering children or neighbors can not gain unwanted access to your swimming pool is of utmost importance. A privacy fence will not only improve their safety but also ward off insurance liabilities should someone get hurt in your unsecured swimming pool. Keeping uninvited guests out of your yard and away from your pool is easily accomplished with a privacy fence.

Finally, privacy fences are not just beneficial to residential property owners. Privacy fences could be crucial to commercial properties too. Whatever your business is, it is certainly optimal to protect your supplies and equipment from theft or damage. Installing a privacy fence will protect your commercial property from invasion and theft, and thereby improve your profitability.

Installing a privacy fence can protect both your home and business. From stray and wild animals to criminals and vandals, privacy fencing can keep out unwanted creatures and criminals alike.

Privacy Fences Improve Safety

To compound on our previously mentioned point, privacy fences undoubtedly improve safety for both children and pets. As parents, we love for our children to be playing outside instead of cooped up indoors. Soaking up the sun and fresh air is good for our children’s spirits. Physical activity like running around the yard, swimming, hide-and-seek, and more improve our children’s health and socialization. But if your property lacks a privacy fence, you may second guess allowing your children to play in the yard unsupervised. Let’s face it, while our children are playing, we have things to be doing around the house. Knowing that they can safely play in their backyard without the fear of them wandering out or others coming in, is a peace of mind privacy fences can provide. If you have small children, you will certainly want to consider privacy fencing for your yard.

Moreover, if you are a pet lover, it is important to protect your furry friends from wild and stray animals, intruders, and themselves. If you have a dog, for instance, you know how important it is to secure them in your yard with privacy fencing. Dogs love the freedom of running around the yard unleashed. For them to safely do so, privacy fencing is imperative. Without fencing, your dog may wander off or sprint out of your property never to be seen again.  Likewise, fencing will keep some dangerous wild or strays from accessing your pooch. Clearly, a privacy fence is a must for the protection of your precious pets.

A Privacy Fence Adds Value to Your Property

It is no mystery that a beautiful privacy fence will improve your property value. Not only does a fence improve your property’s aesthetic, but it also improves its curb appeal. Although you have many options in terms of fencing materials when it comes to a privacy fence, your best option is usually a vinyl fence. Not only will vinyl fences add desired privacy, but they will also improve your home’s aesthetic.

Furthermore, a vinyl fence is so durable that it will last, unscathed by weather or much else, for many decades. Essentially, decades down the road your vinyl fence will look the same as it did on day one. They are also really easy to keep clean which adds to their desirability for future homebuyers. Ostensibly, a beautiful vinyl privacy fence will improve your home’s marketability now or in the future.

Finally, future homebuyers may only seek out properties with privacy fencing. This is especially true if they are parents to small children or pet owners. Many parents and pet owners will not even look at a property without fencing because the cost of adding one after purchase may deter them. As such, installing a privacy fence now will increase the value of your home later.

Privacy Fences Set Property Lines

Beyond delivering adequate security and solitude to your property, privacy fences have the added benefit of marking property boundaries between your home and neighbors. Knowing where your property line begins and ends is important for several reasons. When it comes to landscaping, hardscaping, installing sprinkler systems, or visualizing property size, privacy fences are beneficial. Furthermore, property disputes between and among neighbors can be easily resolved with privacy fences. A good privacy fence will not only protect your home in so many ways, but it will also mark property lines.

Privacy Fences are Decorative

In addition to all the practical reasons we reviewed above, a well-selected privacy fence can also add a pleasing overall aesthetic to your property. If you are interested in improving the beauty of your landscape, a new, high-quality fence can create the illusion of a more spacious property in a decorative way. As noted above, there are many options for fence materials, but there are also many options for fence design too. Wisely choosing your fence material and design can add a beautiful element to your property.

Obstruct Unwanted Views

Maybe you purchased your property knowing you would overlook an unwanted view. Maybe something unappealing is being constructed just outside of your property. It could be a water tower, an industrial plaza, smokestacks, or just an ugly neighboring house. No matter what the view is that you wish to obstruct, a privacy fence can do the job. Is your neighbor’s newly-erected monstrous statue not to your taste? Or is the new car wash being built in your neighborhood just hideous? Simply install a privacy fence and the unwanted view is quickly remediated. There is no need to live with unwanted views when it is so simple to remedy. Obscuring unwanted views is just one of many ways a privacy fence can improve your home.

Privacy Fencing in Your Front Yard

While most homeowners intuitively think of privacy fencing for their backyard, there is no reason why one can not be installed in your front yard too. If your front property is larger than your backyard and you plan to utilize that space more than the back, you may desire privacy fencing in your front yard. If you have valuables in your front yard like cars, lighting, cameras, or more, it may benefit you to install a privacy fence in your front yard. It could just be that your home is situated on a busy or noisy roadway; in this case, a front privacy fence will obscure the noise and the traffic. If you dislike the intrusion of unwanted foot traffic or door knockers, a privacy fence will help keep those folks out too.

Beyond all of these practical benefits to privacy fencing in your front yard, they also create an appealing curb appeal. As mentioned above, fence designs and materials can be tailored to your taste. A privacy fence in your front yard may also enhance your home’s look. Although a privacy fence in your front yard may not initially come to mind, installing one has plenty of desirable benefits.

Privacy Fences Guard Against Weather

In terms of weather events, privacy fences can help to protect your property and valuables contained therein. In the event of high-wind conditions, for instance, a privacy fence could help to contain valuables like lawn and patio furniture, ride-on vehicles or mowers, boats, surf equipment, and so on. Additionally, a privacy fence can protect your property or pool from blown debris as a result of bad weather. This is just another of the many benefits of a privacy fence.

Privacy Fences Reduce Noise

A surprising benefit of a privacy fence is its ability to reduce noise. Whether you have noisy neighbors, adjacent businesses, or highway or street traffic that create unwanted noise, a privacy fence can help to reduce noise. Solid privacy fences help to absorb noises from many sources. However, if it is noise reduction that you hope for your privacy fence to accomplish, you will have to be particularly careful about your fence selection. Taller fences with minuscule to no spaces between fence slats will be the most useful in terms of noise absorption. A wisely selected privacy fence can surprisingly reduce noise pollution.

Privacy Fences: The Final Word

A privacy fence may be just what you need on your property. As discussed herein, the benefits of privacy fencing are vast. From enhancing your property’s seclusion and improving your home’s safety and security to adding property value and obscuring unwanted views, the benefits are countless. Whether you want to adorn your property with a decorative fence or you hope to reduce noise or protect your property from weather, a durable and well-installed fence can help you achieve your goals. Privacy fencing can also help to contain children and pets, ward off intruders, and ward nosy or overly friendly neighbors off. A single privacy fence can achieve so many desirable benefits in one installation and those benefits can last many decades depending on the fencing you choose.