April 3, 2021

Wood Fence: A Natural Answer to Your Fencing Need!

Wood Fence: A Natural Answer to Your Fencing Need!            

           Wood Fences have been used for centuries to do everything from keeping animals in an enclosed space to adding beauty and interest to a home. In fact, Wood Fences were the most popular type of enclosure at the beginning of the colonial period. Today, they remain just as popular as they once were and are used around businesses and homes in both the city and the country. Individuals put up tens of thousands of miles of fencing every year in the United States alone. From the white picket fence that epitomizes suburban living to the tall privacy fences used around warehouses, the fence has come a long way from its beginnings.

There are many reasons why Wood Fences have remained popular over the years. They are beautiful, customizable and sturdy while also being easy to construct. If you are thinking about adding a Reliable Fence to your yard or business space, consider some of the following benefits, customization options and types of wood to add curb appeal, long-lasting value and security to your property.

How a Wood Fence Can Help You

Wood Fences bring a variety of benefits to your home or business. In fact, once you have your fence installed, you may wonder how you ever lived without it. These fences can be both attractive and useful, helping you, your children, pets or employees to enjoy more peace of mind along with incredible aesthetics. You may want to install a Reliable Fence for one of many reasons, but some of the most common reasons include those listed below.

Mark Property Lines

The main reason for installing any type of fence is to delineate property lines or add boundaries. Even the simple picket fence that lets plenty of light and noise through can produce these benefits. If you want your neighbors or children to know where your yard ends and the neighbor’s yard begins, a Reliable Fence is a simple yet effective way to do this.

Add Privacy

Some Wood Fences are designed to add a great deal of privacy. Tightly spaced vertical or horizontal slats in a Reliable Fence keep your neighbors or customers from seeing into certain private areas. If you are looking for privacy, it is vital that you pick the correct fence design.

Increase Safety and Security

A fence can help you keep unwanted guests away. In fact, a fence with a locking gate can be a major deterrent for potential burglars. In addition, wooden fencing may even keep large rodents and other people’s pets out of your yard.

Perfect for Children and Pets

If you have very young children or dogs that you like to let play in your yard, a Wood Fence will help them to stay in the correct place without requiring you to watch them the entire time. You may also want to consider placing a fence around the circumference of your pool to prevent accidents.

Decrease Noise

With some tall wooden privacy fences, you may find that noise is cut back in your backyard or around your business. This is particularly true if you live on a busy road or have a great deal of highway noise in your backyard. You can use a Reliable Fence to make your yard a more peaceful and relaxing space.

Increase Property Value

A fence usually provides a great return on value for your home, especially if you are considering selling your home in the next year or two. Aesthetically pleasing wood privacy or picket fences are particularly good at this.

Add Style

Although this might not be the first reason that pops into your mind for putting up a fence, a Wood Fence can certainly add a great deal of style to your yard thanks to the many variations available today. From horizontal slats to the traditional white picket fence, wood can be made into a variety of shapes, styles and sizes, adding more style than you could find with other traditional options, such as chain link fences. You can choose from a modern, vintage or rustic look depending on your yard.

The Benefits of Choosing a Wood Fence

Wood Fences can keep you and your family safe and comfortable while also improving the look of your yard, you will also find that they have an array of other benefits that make this particular type of fence a smart choice for both home and business owners.


Although some other materials may stand up to the elements better than wood does, a Wood Fence can last at least 5 to 10 years and may last even longer depending on your climate, the type of wood you choose and the amount of maintenance you do. Regular maintenance, including continual cleaning and staining, can help you eke out even more time from your fence.

Cost Effective

Wood is one of the cheapest types of fencing materials on the market today, and you will find this to be the most cost-effective option for short-term use. Although you will be spending more on maintenance over the lifespan of the fence, it is often easier to spread the cost out in this way.


One of the main reasons people choose wood for their fences is that this material is incredibly versatile. You can change the height of your fence even after the slats and posts arrive on your property. You can choose between picket shapes, slat spacing and even stain colors.

Environmentally Friendly

Of course, wood is an incredibly green choice. As an all-natural material, wood naturally breaks down over time if you ever choose to replace your Wood Fence. However, your boards can also be treated in an environmentally friendly way to keep them from breaking down too quickly while they are still installed in your yard.

Easy Installation

Speaking of installation, a Wood Fence is incredibly fast and easy to place in your yard. Depending on the size of the fence, it may be placed in only one or two days.

Natural Look

If you are searching for a fence that will look great in nearly any environment, wood is the way to go. It will blend in with surrounding trees and foliage, creating a beautiful, family-friendly look. In addition, Wood Fence gates blend right into the fence itself, decreasing visual disruption.

Strong and Sturdy

While all fences that are properly installed can offer great protection, a wood privacy fence is incredibly strong and sturdy. For the most strength, a Reliable Fence should have a strong frame made of pressure-treated lumber, the posts should be placed in concrete and the screws holding it together should be made of stainless steel.

Top Types of Wood for Fences

You will immediately notice the versatility of Wood Fences as you consider the many types of wood available today. You will need to choose the best wood for your property based on the amount you can spend, the look you are going for and the advantages and disadvantages of each wood type when used outdoors. Here is a look at some of the most popular and frequently seen options.


This is the most popular type of wood for fencing. It is beautiful, resists breakdown over time and naturally repels insects that may be tempted to bore through the wood. When cared for properly, a cedar fence may last as long as 30 years. It has a beautiful natural color and scent. The one problem with cedar, however, is that it can be out of the price range of some home and business owners.


This is the most common option used by those who are looking for a budget-friendly alternative to cedar wood. Although it is one of the softest types of wood, this actually makes it very easy to work with, but it must be well-maintained if you expect it to last for a decade or longer. Another advantage of pine is that is does not tend to shrink over time. However, it can be filled with knots, which can fall out, leaving unwelcome holes behind in the wood.


This wood is quite similar to cedar in many ways. It resists insect infestations and has a welcoming smell but is similarly expensive. Because cypress trees are native to the southern United States, this is typically a cheaper option there than it is in northern states.


This wood may also be out of the price range of some people as it is the most expensive wood fencing material around, but its unique look and color make it quite desirable. If you do use redwood, you should treat it with a clear stain to maintain its natural beauty.


This is one of the most common types of wood used for picket fences. It is affordable while also being durable.

No matter which type of wood you choose for your fence, ensure that you pick a good grade. Construction, select, premium and clear grades are the best on the market today. Choosing these options will limit the imperfections that could otherwise be present in the wood.

Top Wood Fence Designs

As mentioned, Wood Fences are incredibly versatile, coming in many shapes, sizes and designs. At Reliable Fence, we can help you adjust each of these designs to best meet your needs whether you are looking for a wood privacy fence, a tasteful boundary or a vintage look that matches the style of your home.

Wood Picket Fences

Wood picket fences are known mainly for their ability to mark off a boundary and create a delightful backdrop for yards and landscaping. They are also ideal for adding safety around a pool area. Their widely spaced horizontal and vertical boards let in plenty of sunlight and air. Most picket fences have pointy tops on the vertical slats, and some have tall posts topped with decorative caps.

Vertical Board Fences

These are the most popular and frequently seen fences around homes and businesses. The slats may be spaced slightly apart or pushed close together to create a wood privacy fence. They may even be overlapped to allow some air to get through while keeping out prying eyes.

Horizontal Wood Fences

Horizontal slats create a more modern look in most yards. While picket fences are technically a type of horizontal fence, one of the most popular kinds seen these days uses wide slats of wood spaced closely together for privacy. These fences can make a smaller yard appear larger.

Post and Rail Fences

This is another type of horizontal fence. However, these provide absolutely no privacy as they are made up of widely spaced vertical posts with two to three horizontal slats to create a basic boundary. These are most often seen in country settings.

Lattice Fences

These are highly ornamental fences with crisscrossing boards. While they provide some privacy, they still allow plenty of light and air through, making them a great option for gardens and around ornamental backyards.

Louver Fences

These fences use vertical boards placed on a slight angle to allow airflow. While they can easily be seen through from one direction, they create complete privacy from the other side.

Convex and Concave

This refers to a way of cutting boards on a vertical fence to create a unique pattern. Boards may be rounded off to create either convex or concave shapes running across the top of the fence.


This is another type of vertical fence that uses tightly packed boards that are sharpened to a point at the top to create an impermeable barrier.

Of course, there are even more options than these. You can customize your fence in almost any way you like to create the most visually appealing and private option to meet your needs.

Wood Fence Installation

When done properly, a Wood Fence can be installed in as little as a day although very large projects may take three days or longer. Your fencing professional will ensure that pre-installation tasks are completed at the right time, including taking the measurements, ensuring the building materials are on site and checking on any building permits.

First, professionals will mark where the fence will go using string and small boards. This helps them align the posts properly. Second, they will dig holes with a post hole digger or power auger, pour concrete into the holes and place the posts into the holes, making sure that they are straight and level.

Once the posts are in, professionals from Reliable Fence will install the fence rails, making sure that they are level with the ground as needed. Next, they will install a fence gate and any additional hardware that is needed.

You will need to wait a few months before staining or painting your new fence. This gives the lumber time to dry out. You will probably need to stain the wood again every three to five years.

At Reliable Fence, we do just what we say by providing you with high-quality fences of all shapes and sizes to give you the security, privacy and peace of mind you need for your residence or your business. Count on Reliable Fence for a seamless fence installation process that focuses on your unique goals for your property.