April 3, 2021

Wrought Iron Fence: Sturdy, Reliable, and Sophisticated!

When thinking of installing a new fence or upgrading an old one, you certainly have numerous options from which to choose these days. From the security of a chain-link fence to the natural beauty of a wood design, you may be surprised at all the advantages that each type of fence offers. However, be sure that you do not overlook the classical beauty and amazing benefits of the traditional wrought iron fence.

The value and benefits of wrought iron fences cannot be overstated. The amazing aesthetics of this type offence can match with nearly any look of home or business. Plus, this is one of the strongest and longest-lasting fencing types available today as long as you care for it properly. Consider the following benefits, including the simple installation process when working with Reliable Fence, as you make your decision.

Wrought Iron Fencing: The Best Choice for You

A quick look at some of the fencing types on the market today will show you how wrought iron fences show up the competition in nearly every way. As you consider whether this fencing is right for you, take a look at some of the differences that wrought iron has when compared to its competitors.

-Timeless Style

Wrought iron has been used for centuries to create incredibly strong structures. In fact, its history goes back to the 12th century. It has also been used in fences and gates throughout many places in the world for centuries.If you are looking for a timeless, classical style to give your home or business a traditional look, wrought iron is certainly the way to go. With plenty of style options these days, you will not have to worry that your fence will look just like everyone else’s on the block.

-Improved Safety and Security

Wrought iron is also among the strongest fencing materials available today. In fact, this is certainly why numerous security fences and gates are made of wrought iron. It creates a formidable front of strength and can be particularly off-putting to potential prowlers or burglars. One of the best wrought iron styles to protect against unwanted guests around a home or business is the traditional picket style with sharp pointed tops that can make it difficult and painful to crawl over.

In addition, wrought iron fencing can keep children and pets inside your yard while keeping unwanted animals out. If you live near a heavily forested area, you may frequently get deer and large rodents, such as groundhogs, in your yard. A wrought iron fence can keep these visitors out while still providing an open, inviting look. This fencing is also ideal for providing your children with boundaries for where they may play or for protecting them from certain dangerous areas in your yard, such as a pool.

-Easy Installation

If you are considering having a fence installed in your yard, you probably do not want one that is going to take days to get placed properly. Today, many top wrought iron fence designs are manufactured in panels that make it easy for Reliable Fence to install quickly. Typically, the installation process includes setting the posts approximately seven to eight feet apart depending on the panel size before securing the panels to the posts.

-Easy Maintenance

Although iron is known for rusting quickly especially when exposed to the elements, wrought iron is far stronger than that. Wrought iron is mixed with a small amount of slag before being forged to create gorgeous shapes. This slag helps impede the growth of rust on the fence, and with a small amount of regular maintenance, you can easily keep your fence looking great for decades. If rust does begin forming on your fence, you simply need to scrub it away with a wire brush before rinsing it with plain water and repainting the area if needed.

The Many Benefits of a Wrought Iron Fence

After learning how wrought iron fencing from Reliable Fence is different from the competition, you are ready to see just how many benefits you can gain when you invest in this fencing type. Even if you have never thought of wrought iron as being a serious contender for your yard or business in the past, this shortlist may just change your mind.

-Incredible Durability

The carbon slag added to iron in wrought iron construction not only impedes rust formation but also creates a strong yet moldable fencing material. Although you will need to spend some time on maintenance every few years and may need to repaint your fence every 10 to 15 years, the majority of well-maintained wrought iron fences last at least a lifetime if not more. Today, you can find numerous wrought iron fences that were originally constructed in the late 1800s and early 1900s but that are still in good shape today. This longevity is what helps make wrought iron fencing a cost-effective investment despite its higher initial cost when compared to wood, vinyl or even chain-link fencing.

-Strong Gates

If you have ever experienced gates on wood or vinyl fences, you may have noticed them beginning to loose nor sag over time. This is not the case with a well-built wrought iron fence gate installed by Reliable Fence. When installed with the proper brackets, these gates will not sag but will instead provide a smooth and easy experience for any home or business owner.

-Plenty of Design Options

Wrought iron fencing comes with more design options than does any other style of fence available today.Numerous options are available in pre-formed panels. However, because wrought iron can easily be forged into a variety of shapes and styles, you may be interested in investing in a customized style for your yard. You can also customize the look and width of your wrought iron gate.

-Eco-Friendly Option

Because wrought iron lasts so long,this type of fence is one of the most eco-friendly options available today. If you do need to make repairs, it is quite easy to replace as mall section without making the new area stand out like a sore thumb. Plus, when the time comes to tear down or replace your fence,wrought iron can easily be recycled to create new iron-made items.

-Highly Functional

Wrought iron fencing materials can be used in many ways outdoors. While you may assume that it is only used to enclose a space completely, it can also be used aesthetically to set off certain design elements around your home. It can mark property lines, set off architectural or landscaping designs and be used to create security gates.

-Open, Elegant Look

Many other types of fencing completely close off a yard, which is good if you want a privacy fence. However,if you are looking for a more open and welcoming look, wrought iron is the way to go. The variety of shapes and styles for wrought iron can match the look of your property and can further improve the beauty of existing elements, such as masonry and woodworking.

-Landscaping Support

One of the least-mentioned benefits of wrought iron fencing may very well become one of your favorites. The open look of the fence along with the strength of the posts and bars make wrought iron fencing a great support for climbing plants. If you do want a more private look for your yard but wish to invest in wrought iron, this may be a good option for you.

The Best Wrought Iron Fence and Gate Construction

Not all wrought iron fences are created equally, and we at Reliable Fence are here to show you how the construction of our fences stands out from the competition. We do not cut corners as some do in the installation of the fence or in the type of fencing materials we use. This commitment to excellence protects your investment by ensuring that your fence will not break or rust over time.

Prime wrought iron fencing construction focuses on making the fence look great from either side while also ensuring that connections between pieces are as strong as possible.The ideal design for a picket-style fence is for the pickets to go through the rail rather than merely being welded onto one side of it.This creates a very clean look while increasing fence strength significantly. In addition, fencing hardware should be as strong as possible. Stamped brackets are generally cheaper and weaker alternatives to solid brackets with in-line mounting. The best construction is that which was used well over a century ago to create wrought iron fences that have easily stood the test of time. In fact,this is why a high-quality wrought iron fence may easily be called the 100-year fence.

Wrought Iron Fence Styles

Wrought iron comes in a surprising variety of fencing and gate styles, meaning that you can choose a look that best fits your yard. The most traditional look has two horizontal bars combined with equally spaced posts. These posts are often topped with decorative finials that feature a gothic or classic look. Other top looks include the staggered traditional style in which every other post is a different height and the modern style in which posts feature rounded tops. Some wrought iron fences have horizontal toppers with decorative metal shapes placed between the top two horizontal bars. Some of the most popular types of this style include the Embassy, Diplomat, Sovereign, Regency, Monarch, and Chancellor options.

The Wrought Iron Fencing Installation Process

The key difference between installing wrought iron fences and other top fencing options, including wood and vinyl, is that it is more difficult to grade wrought iron. As the sturdiest of fencing types, wrought iron presents a very strong and immovable front, and it must be installed perfectly initially to create a high-end look.

The first step in any installation process is to dig the holes at equal distances before placing the vertical posts and pouring cement around them. Once the posts are secure, the panels can be easily placed, and the in-line brackets can be screwed into place. If the fencing does not come as panels, the installation process will take far longer as pieces must be placed and securely attached one by one. For most average-sized fences, the installation process should only take a day or two although larger projects can take several days.

Caring for Your Wrought Iron Fence

You will need to plan on spending a bit of time regularly maintaining your wrought iron fence if you want to keep it looking its best for years. However, a little work now will really pay off later. Your first step will be to protect your fence from future problems down the road. Keep thorny or prickly plants that could scratch the finish away from your fence. In addition, you will want to clean a dirty fence with warm, soapy water and anon-abrasive brush whenever it looks dirty or at least once per year.

Every 10 to 15 years, you will need to plan on spending a bit more time on fence maintenance by painting the entire structure. To do this, you will first need to remove dirt and rust completely. Use an abrasive wire brush to remove loose rust from the fence. Next, apply a coat of rust converter if necessary,followed by primer and oil-based paint specifically designed for metal. On years that you are not painting your fence, you may want to apply a special fence wax that will help water slide right off the fence rather than converting the iron to rust.

Why Working with Reliable Fence Is Your Best Choice

When it comes to wrought iron fencing,you want to ensure that the fence is placed correctly the first time so that you do not have to worry about problems down the road. When you choose Reliable Fence, you can trust us to be just who we say we will be, which is reliable and trustworthy. With nearly 30 years of experience, we have installed, repaired and replaced fences in nearly every environment using every type of common fencing material. With fast work times, we will be in and out of your yard as quickly as possible. If you are unsure whether wrought iron is the right fencing material for you, we would be happy to help you consider the pros and cons of each fencing material type so that you can see how this strong and time-tested option will best meet your needs.